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p. 428


His Augustness Tachibana-no-toyo-hi dwelt in the Palace of Ikenobe, and ruled the Empire for three years. The one august child born to this Heavenly Sovereign by his wife Oho-gitashi-hime, daughter of the Prime Minister the noble name, was: King Tame. The (four) [342] august children born to him by his next wife, his half-sister Princess Hashi-bito-no-anaho-be, were: His Augustness Uhe-no-miya-no-uma-ya-dono-toyo-to-mimi; next King Kume; next King We-kuri; next King Mamuta. The august children born to him by his next wife Ihime-no-ko, daughter of Tagima-no-kura-bito-hiro, were: King Tagima; next his younger sister Sugashiroko-no-iratsume. The august mausoleum of this Heavenly Sovereign, which had been by the borders of Lake Ihare, was afterwards removed to the middle sepulchre of Shinaga.

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