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The Heavenly Sovereign Ame-kuni-oshi-haruki-hiro-niha dwelt in the Great Palace of Shikishima, and ruled the Empire. The (three) august children born to this Heavenly Sovereign by his wife, Her Augustness Ishi-hime, the august daughter of the Heavenly Sovereign Hi-no-kuma, were: King Yata; next His Augustness Nu-na-kura-tama-shiki; next King Kasanuhi. The (one) august child born to him by his next wife Her Augustness Wo-ishi-hime, younger sister [of the first one], was: King Kami. The (three) august children born to him by his next wife Nukako-no-iratsume, daughter of the Grandee Hitsuma of Kasuga, were: Kasuga-no-yamada-no-iratsume; next King Maroko; next King Soga-no-kura. The (thirteen) children born to him by his next wife Kitashi-hime, daughter of the Prime Minister the Noble Inawe of Soga were: His Augustness Tachibana-no-toyo-hi; next his younger sister Queen Ihakumo; next King Atori; next

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[paragraph continues] Her Augustness Toyo-mike-kashiki-ya-hime; next King Mata-maroko; next King Oho-yake; next King Imigako; next King [of?] Yamashiro; next his younger sister Queen Oho-tomo; next King Sakurawi-no-yumi-hari; next King Manu; next King Tachibana-moto-no-waku-go; next King Tone. The five august children born to him by his next wife Wo-ye-hime, aunt of Her Augustness Kitashi-hime, were: King Umaki; next King Kadzuraki; next King Hashi-bito-no-ana-ho-be; next King Saki-kusa-be-no-ana-ho-be, another name for whom was Sume-irodo; next His Augustness Hatsuse-be-no-waka-sazaki. Altogether the august children of this Heavenly Sovereign numbered twenty-five Kings and Queens. Of these His Augustness Nu-na-kura-futo-tama-shiki [was he who afterwards] ruled the Empire. Next His Augustness Tachibana-no-toyo-hi ruled the Empire. Next Her Augustness Toyo-mike-hashiki-ya-hime ruled the Empire. Next His Augustness Hatsusebe-no-waka-sazaki ruled the Empire. In all there were four Kings and Queens that ruled the Empire.

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