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General Index to the Sacred Books of the East, by Moriz Winternitz, [1910], at

p. xvi


Av. = Avesta.

&c. (after a reference) = 'and frequently in the same volume.' (For instance, on page 22, col. 1, line 17 the '&c.' means that Agni the Hotri priest occurs frequently in volume 46.) 1



 name. 2

q. v.


 quod vide.

n. d.


 name of a deity.




n. p.


 name of a person.

t. c.


 title of chapter or part of a work.

n. pl.


 name of a place.

t. t.


 technical term.




t. w.


 title of a work.







References. The large arabic figures denote volumes, the smaller arabic pages, and the smaller roman pages of the Introductions.


xvi:1 Where a very large number of references are given, some references have been italicized to point out the more important passages.

xvi:2 But after a figure, referring to the number of page, = note, and after a Sanskrit term = neuter.

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