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Te Pito Te Henua, or Easter Island, by William J. Thompson, [1891], at


The amusements of the people were reduced to a minimum when the customs of their heathen forefathers were abandoned, and at present there is no general assemblage for the purpose of enjoyment except all occasional marriage feast or some accidental occasion, such as the arrival of a foreign ship. Prominent among, the ancient customs were feasts to celebrate the return of the different seasons and various anniversaries in their history, such as the landing of Hotu-Metua, at Anakena Bay. Upon the latter occasion the ancient traditions were repeated by recognized orators, and a prominent feature of all fetes was athletic sports, such as running, spear-throwing, and feats of skill and dexterity. Dancing was the most common of all. amusements and there was no assemblage without its appropriate dance.

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