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Chapter III

1. IN all the great divisions of the earth these things were; nor had one division of the earth much preference over another. But in the regions of summer weather, where the earth brought forth abundantly, the I'huans and ground people dwelt most numerously.

2. Though the I'hins dwelt in both the warm and the cold countries. For they clothed themselves; and built habitations. But the I'huans wore only a covering about the loins; neither built they any habitations. And they roved about far and near.

3. But the ground people traveled not; and they mingled with their own kin, bringing forth heirs of darkness.

4. The I'huans learned the laws and obeyed them; and they looked upon the I'hins as a sacred people, doing them no harm.

5. And it came to pass that the I'huans were a very prolific people; four times more prolific than the I'hins, or the ground people.

6. And they spread rapidly over the earth, in all the regions where the earth brought forth fruit and roots, and flesh, and fish, that were good to eat.

7. For two thousand years the I'huans prospered; and they became mighty in many countries.

8. But in course of time they began to war upon one another.

9. And for hundreds of years they descended lower and lower in darkness.

10. And they obeyed no longer the commandments of God. But they mingled with the ground people, bringing forth heirs of darkness.


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