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Chapter II

1. GOD foresaw that the I'huans should be separated from the Druks, otherwise Yaks would again be born into the world.

2. And he said unto the I'hins: Behold, the I'huans cannot hear the voice of the Lord, therefore, go ye unto them, saying: Thus saith the Lord: If ye mingle with the Druks your seed shall not inherit everlasting life, but go down in darkness.

3. And the I'hins went and told the I'huans the words of God. Nevertheless many of the I'huans broke the commandment. And, indeed, Yaks were again born into the world.

4. The I'hins said to one another: Are not these like unto those of the legends of old, who were made eunuchs and servants?

5. The I'huans inquired the meaning; and when they were told, they made a law unto themselves, making eunuchs and servants of both Yaks and the ground people wherever they came upon them.

6. The I'hins feared for the judgments of God, and they called out to him for a remedy.

7. But God answered them, saying: p. 100b Because of the enmity betwixt these two races, behold, they will not marry. Suffer ye the I'huans to do in their own way. For of what profit is it to bring forth heirs that cannot inherit my exalted heavens? Because the tribes of darkness cannot be made to understand, behold their souls go out of being as a lamp that is burned out.

8. So it came to pass that the I'huans made eunuchs of the tribes of darkness; of both sexes did they thus; and they made slaves of them also.

9. The Lord said: The I'huans shall have laws of their own. Let my chosen go unto them and make laws for them, saying: Thus saith the Lord.

10. The I'huans shall be guardians over the I'hins, the sacred people; and through the I'hins will I bless the I'huans, and make them mighty.

11. Since it is not lawful for the I'hins to kill beast, nor bird, nor serpent, behold, their cities and mounds are invaded by all manner of evil beasts and serpents.

12. The I'huans shall slay all such evil beasts and serpents.

13. And they shall guard around about the cities and mounds, where abide my chosen.

14. Servants shall the ground people and the Yaks be unto the I'huan. And the latter shall cast their servants, that they shall not multiply on the earth.

15. Hear ye then, the law of God betwixt the I'huans, one with another.

16. Whoso doth an injury to his neighbor or to a stranger, the same shall be done unto him.

17. Whoso taketh from another, an equivalent shall he render two fold.

18. Whoso killeth a man, or woman, or child, shall be put to death.

19. Whoso marrieth his sister or mother, or his half-sister or half-mother, they shall all suffer death together.

20. Whoso oppresseth another shall be cast out of the tribe of his people.

21. He that blasphemeth the Great Spirit shall be put to death.

22. He that respecteth not the time of woman shall be put to death.

23. The fields have I given to the I'hins, but the forests and wilderness have I, the Lord, given unto the I'huans.

24. And it was so; the I'huans began p. 101b to be carnivorous. But both the I'hins and the tribes of darkness ate neither flesh nor fish.

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