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Chapter XIV

1. THE voice of Jehovih came to God, saying: Behold, the time draweth near when Aph, My Son, shall commit the care of Hored and her affairs to another God, for another four hundred years. This, then, is the commandment of thy Creator, O God: Hored shall advance to the second resurrection; but the first resurrection shall be established with My Lords.

2. And when the Lord hath a sufficient number of souls who are advanced to take the second resurrection, then shall they be brought to this, My holy place, where they shall be further prepared for the next resurrection.

3. This was accomplished; and heavenly kingdoms with thrones for the Lords, for the first resurrection, were established on the earth, and in the divisions of the Lords. So that there were allotted to these Lords' kingdoms thirty-three years for a resurrection, because thirty-three is the division of dan corresponding to one hundred dans to each cycle. 2

4. Accordingly, every thirty-three years thereafter there was one migration of a group from the Lord's first resurrection to that of Hored, which was God's second resurrection. Whereby the light of dan fell on two hundred years, four hundred years, five hundred years, six hundred years and one thousand years, which became the base of prophecy for each cycle from that time forth for a long period.

5. God said: Close the gates of Hored, and from this time ever after only those of the second resurrection can enter. And it was so. And Hored was extended over Jaffeth, Shem and Ham to the second degree; but of Guatama this is the manner of her heaven: The Lord made two kingdoms, the first and second resurrections, and allotted the first to a proxy in his own name, but over the second he presided in person, teaching his people by proxy of God in Hored. For the distance of the sea lay between these heavens; and the access could not be made in the diminutive light of thirty-three. Nevertheless, the Lord and his attendants maintained an etherean ship that enabled him to cross the sea at intervals of eleven years.

6. Accordingly now, in the second resurrection, new colleges were established in heaven, and the spirits began the study of elements and illustrations in es and uz, and the process of travel and of carrying corporeal entities. And these spirits were at times, under ashars, taken down to mortals to assist in miracles and legerdemain. For the lessons in the second resurrection embraced the mastery of corpor in analysis and synthesis.

7. After the first year of God in Hautuon, he went therefore every eleventh year and remained one year of the earth's time; so that in two hundred years he made eighteen visits. Now on his first visit he brought back p. 92 with him a certain number of volunteers, being of those raised by the arc of Noe; and the next visit he brought back twice as many as the first; and the next time three times as many as the second, and increasing for the eighteen visits. And on the last visit it was estimated how many he had brought back in all, and the number was one thousand millions. And they were raised to the second resurrection, having been under the training of the Gods and Goddesses of Hautuon, under the direction of Aph, son of Jehovih.

8. And now that the time of dan was drawing near, and Aph should return to provide for the ascent of Jehovih's harvest, God looked up with a cheerful heart; for it was evident that by the expiration of the two hundred years from the submersion of Pan, many of the spirits delivered from the earth in that day would be prepared to take the second resurrection. Wherefore God prophesied, saying: Through Thee, O Jehovih, in another hundred years I shall have delivered them into etherea (Nirvana) as Thy Brides and Bridegrooms.


91:2 Thirty-three years is one generation or mortal dan; thirty-three hundred years is one cycle or dan of the earth's life. This was the old way of counting, but three times thirty-three is not one hundred, nor is thirty times one hundred thirty-three hundred. Still there is this correspondence. If a dan or grand cycle of the earth is thirty-three hundred years, then the generations of earth are said to be thirty-three years. But if a dan or grand cycle of the earth is three thousand years, then a generation of men will be thirty years.

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