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p. xiii


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The Earth. Floateth in the midst of a vortex, 568.1 to 16.

A Vortex. Atmospherea Atmospherean Ocean.

Atmospherean. A spirit, or more properly an angel dwelling in one of the many.

Atmospherean Heavens in Atmospherea.

Chinvat, Etherea, Ethe. Etherean Worlds.

Etherean Cycles. to I-E-Su.

Lord. a one-time mortal, ruler over part of the people on earth for a season.

Lord God. A one-time mortal, next higher than Lord, ruler over part of the people on earth and the lower heavens, for a season.

God. A one-time mortal, next higher than Lord God ruler over all the people on earth, and in the lower heavens, for a season.

Orlan Chief. A one-time mortal on this or other corporeal world, ruler over some etherean world, for a season.

Nirvanian Chief. Next higher than Orian Chief, one of a council in the

etherean worlds who appoint the Orians their places.

The Creator.
The Great Spirit.
The Almighty.
The I AM.


Father. Heavenly Father.
All Highest. All Light.
All Person, An All Higher.
Highest Cause, Person.
Ever Present. Ever Presence
Named by Man

Eolin, E-O-IH, Eloih.
Egoquim, Ormazd
To Whom none can attain forever.

God said: I am, as any other spirit of the dead, a one-time man upon the earth, thy elder brother of tens of thousands of years' experience. Distinguish, then, that the twain God and Jehovih are not the same one. No more is thy God than what thou shalt be in time to come, and all angels, the Gods and Lords and generals and captains and chiefs in heaven are but the brothers and sisters of mortals and the spirits of the dead; and none of there, however exalted, can create Life or Motion or an Individual or Person. These are from Jehovih, The Creator.

Incarnated. Incarnate.

Heavens of the Earth. Hell, Chaos, Knots.

Saviour. Saviours.



Lord God.


Angels who assume kingdoms in atmospherea, denying Jehovih, professing themselves to be the Creator, though born of woman.


The False Lord God. Anuhasaj. who first made the names Lord, God, Lord God, De'yus (Dyaus, Deity), Zeus, Joss and Ho'Joss worshipful on the earth in place of the Great Spirit.






Looeamong, Kriste, Christ*
Kabalactes, Buddha.
Ennocissa, Brahma.
Thoth, Gabriel.


The Triunes.
The founders of the Trinity and of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The founder of Mohammedanism.


And the Beast divided itself into four great heads, and possessed the earth about; and man fell down and worshipped them, 1.11.


Looeamong was the false God who founded, by inspiration, the great sect called Christians. He is first mentioned in Book of Eskra, chap xiii.; and his career is continued in the Books of Eskra and Es, until he is finally cast into hell, which corresponds in date to the time the pope established himself as vicegerent on earth, and very properly because his God was non est.

p. xiv

Kabalactes, the God who, by inspiration, founded what is now called Buddhism. He is first mentioned in Book of Eskra, chap. xiii.; and his history is continued in Books of Eskra and Es, until he is finally cast into hell.

Ennochissa, who, by inspiration, founded modern Brahmanism, first mentioned in Book of Eskra, chap. xiii. His history continues in Books of Eskra and Es, and he is finally cast into hell.

Thoth, or Gabriel, who, by inspiration, founded Mohammedanism, first. mentioned in Book of Eskra, chap. xlix. He also is cast into hell, Book of Es, chap. xv.

These four false Gods were delivered out of hell by God, Jehovih's Son.

They figured largely in the great wars against Jehovih in the time of the ancient Jews.

Besides these there were many false Gods and one great Goddess, Ashtaroth. Baal and she were both overcome and cast into hell by the founder of Christianity, Looeamong, through his great warrior servant, Thoth.

Of the lesser attempts at false Godheads mention is made of Sayawan, founder of Swedenborgism (748.10 to 13), and of Piad (748.7-8), the founder of Mormanism; also of Lowgannus, the founder of Shakerism (748.9), showing that all these sects have had their origin in the lower heavens.


xiii:* The term Christ or Kriste here used must not be confounded with Jesus of Nazareth, called, in these Scriptures, Joshu.

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