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Star formation in NGC 1569, Hubble Image [Public Domain Image]
Star formation in NGC 1569, Hubble Image [Public Domain Image]

In Tune With the Infinite

by Ralph Waldo Trine


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When we are able to do away with all sense of separateness by living continually in the realization of this oneness, not only will our bodily ills and weaknesses vanish, but all limitations along all lines.--p. 86

This is a clearly written explanation of the New Thought philosophy. Trine discusses how to tap into the power of the cosmos to impact personal health, wealth, and growth. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in this belief system.

Title Page
Front Matter
I. The Supreme Fact of the Universe
II. The Supreme Fact of Human Life
IV. Fullness of Life—Bodily Health and Vigor
V. The Secret, Power, and Effects of Love
VI. Wisdom and Interior Illumination
VII. The Realization of Perfect Peace
VIII. Coming into Fullness of Power
IX. Plenty of All Things—The Law of Prosperity
X. How Men Have Become Prophets, Seers, Sages, and Saviours
XI. The Basic Principle of All Religions—The Universal Religion
XII. Entering Now Into the Realization of the Highest Riches