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The Triunity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit reflected and expressed in the triunities of space, matter, time and man is the secret of the universe. It is the key to the many riddles of the universe. It shows why things are as they are, and that they did not happen so. It shows why space is what it is, of three dimensions. It shows why matter is what it is, of energy, motion and phenomena, with all their relationships. It shows why time is as it is, composed of future, present and past. It shows why man is made as he is. It may show the great principle of unity in all things. It should illumine the relationship of space, matter and time. It may well cast light on the mysterious principles of existence, of change, and of reality, in the universe. The being of God, as the central fact of the universe, may explain these universal things. It may make them clear, not as we ourselves paradoxically try to make mysteries clear, by involved effort, and intricacies of thought, and abstruse analysis, but by the broad, self-evident Fact of a Triune God.

It is a world principle. It means for you, if you will, a new system of thought, a new way of thinking, based on the being of God and of His world.

It is, if you will, a true philosophy of things physical and things human.

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But better, it is a new vision of the universe, in the light of the Triune Being of God.

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