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When man is harmonious and happy he is healthy! All sickness comes from sin or violation of Spiritual Law.

Jesus Christ said: "Be thou healed, your sins are forgiven."

Resentment, ill-will, hate, fear, etc., etc., tear down the cells of the body and poison the blood. (See The Game of Life and How to Play It.)

Accidents, old age and death itself, come from holding wrong mental pictures.

When man sees himself as God sees him, he will become a radiant being, timeless, birthless and deathless, for "God made man in His likeness and in His image."



I deny fatigue, for there is nothing to tire me. I live in the Kingdom of eternal joy and absorbing interests.

My body is "the body electric," timeless and tireless, birthless and deathless.

Time and space are obliterated!


I live in the wonderful now, birthless and deathless!

I am one with The One! 


Thou in me art:

Eternal joy.
Eternal youth.
Eternal wealth.
Eternal health.
Eternal love.
Eternal life.


I am a Spiritual Being—my body is perfect, made in His likeness and image.

The Light of the Christ now streams through every cell. I give thanks for my radiant health.

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