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The Science of Getting Rich

by Wallace Delois Wattles


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This little 'prosperity consciousness' book has been cited by the author of the bestselling The Secret as a primary source. Fairly typical of the period literature on this belief system, it remains to be seen whether the modern version of this has anything new to say which hasn't been said here, and in many other books.

Title Page
Chapter 1. The Right To Be Rich
Chapter 2. There is A Science of Getting Rich
Chapter 3. Is Opportunity Monopolized?
Chapter 4. The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich
Chapter 5. Increasing Life
Chapter 6. How Riches Come to You
Chapter 7. Gratitude
Chapter 8. Thinking in the Certain Way
Chapter 9. How to Use the Will
Chapter 10. Further Use of the Will
Chapter 11. Acting in the Certain Way
Chapter 12. Efficient Action
Chapter 13. Getting into the Right Business
Chapter 14. The Impression of Increase
Chapter 15. The Advancing Man
Chapter 16. Some Cautions, and Concluding Observations
Chapter 17. Summary of the Science of Getting Rich