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Life and Its Mysteries, by Frank L. Hammer, [1945], at

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LIFE AND ITS MYSTERIES first appeared in serial form in The New Age magazine, and in response to numerous requests the articles are herewith published in one volume.

This book attempts to explain in a clear and logical manner some of life's mysteries. Mystery, of course is only absence of knowledge, for when we understand a thing it ceases to be a mystery. But since we never will know all, there will always be mysteries.

Some of the views expressed may not appeal to the orthodox or to the materialist, but they will prove acceptable to those who are seeking light regarding the deeper things of life—and to those who have in their home a chair forevermore vacant.


A few excerpts from letters by those who read Life and its Mysteries in serial form.

"I have read your articles in The New Age and can say they are masterpieces. I want to congratulate you on a fine piece of writing and find out if you have them in book form."

"Your excellent articles with their direct and lucid style, coupled with profundity of thought tower head over shoulders above anything any magazine can offer."

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"I have just finished reading your most wonderful article for the fifth time, each time gaining a clearer understanding of life eternal."

"Your book will answer a great need. People all over the world are turning to Truth which has been so deeply buried under centuries of purely materialistic thinking and worship."

"I have received more comfort and encouragement from your articles than all the sermons I have ever heard. You confine yourself to science and to reason."

"I have been following your articles for some time, and have simply devoured and enjoyed every word."

"You have covered more ground with fewer words than any article which I have ever read. I would like at least six copies."

"Your articles are most helpful and inspirational; and I thank you for the interest and pleasure they have given me."

"I have read your articles for which I wish to thank you. You have explained my religion in a more beautiful form and I am truly grateful."

"You have given me faith that I shall see my son again."


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WHEN you have finished reading this book, do not just place it on a shelf. Put it to work for victory! Send it (or any other books you can spare) today. Mail it to someone you know, to the U.S.O. office nearest you, or address it to: COMMANDING GENERAL, 4th CORPS AREA HEADQUARTERS, ATLANTA, GA., marked "FOR ARMY LIBRARIES." Book postage rate is only 4¢ a pound in the U. S. and its possessions.