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Life and Its Mysteries, by Frank L. Hammer, [1945], at

p. 114



Since the publication of Immortality a number of people have asked whether animals do not also have a future life. They said it was illogical and unjust that vicious and depraved human beings should enjoy immortality while noble and intelligent animals be doomed to extinction. This however, is not strictly true as many animals do live for a long time after death.

While animals do not possess an immortal spirit, they do have in common with man an astral or emotional body. This body is sustained by emotion as animals experience love, hate, fear, courage, jealousy, desire, etc. Emotion is what keeps them alive, their own and that of their former owner or master. Animals which are most closely associated with man, who reflect his intelligence, enjoy his protection and affection, live the longest.

The life principle is of course universal and eternal, and is the basis of all forms, mineral, plant, animal, human and angel. Individuality is achieved by means of form or organization, and this determines the degree of mortality or immortality. There is no definite line of demarcation where mortality

p. 115

ends and immortality begins; since there are degrees of intelligence in animals as there are in men.

Only man has an organization sufficiently integrated and a brain structure adequately developed to be a temple of the Living God. Animals have only the primary elements of life. There is, however, no annihilation and while some animals perish for all time at death, they are absorbed into the universal life and again animate other forms.

Some people have inquired whether there are animals and birds on the other side of life. Can anyone imagine a world without them? Animals and birds have their own sphere where they live for long periods for the joy and happiness they bring to man.

After death, devoted pets, as for instance dogs, remain on earth and continue to frequent their old haunts, occupy their favorite spots, and mingle with family and friends. People mourn and miss their pals while all the time they are still in their midst puzzled because they are no longer noticed. They do not know they are now invisible but believe they are no longer wanted and loved, and finally the animals leave disconsolate. Animal lovers on the other side seeing their distress care for them until their master passes over.

Great is the surprise and joy of many people after death to find waiting for them not only relatives and friends but amongst them a loyal animal companion, who has not forgotten his master but greets

p. 116

him with unrestrained delight. And this is one of the happiest of reunions, for there is a natural affinity between man and the noble horse and the faithful dog. The devoted companionship which death interrupted is resumed and continued for many years in that beautiful land where there are no partings, no tears and no misunderstandings.

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