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Life and Its Mysteries, by Frank L. Hammer, [1945], at

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LIFE AND ITS MYSTERIES first appeared in serial form in The New Age magazine, and in response to numerous requests they are herewith published in one volume with their permission. A few revisions have been made and two chapters added entitled: "Future Life of Animals," and "Answers to Questions."

This book attempts to explain in a clear and logical manner some of life's mysteries. Mystery, of course is only absence of knowledge, for when we understand a thing it ceases to be a mystery. But since we never will know all, there will always be mysteries.

Some of the views expressed may not appeal to the orthodox or to the materialist, but they will prove acceptable to those who are seeking light regarding the deeper things of life—and to those who have in their home a chair forevermore vacant.

For the subject of immortality is today engrossing the interest of millions of people all over the world. Sorrow, suffering, devastation and death are clearing the earth of error and superstition and preparing the way for an influx of truth and knowledge of life beyond. When a dearly beloved one departs from terrestrial scenes belief in a vague hypothetical hereafter

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is of scant value. THEN, only definite knowledge of factual immortally is able to assuage grief and provide positive assurance of continued life and love and certainty of reunion.

We devoutly hope that the thoughts presented in this book will acquaint people with the truth of immortality; bring them comfort and consolation, and a better understanding of life and its mysteries. The reader, we hope, may have some of the peace and contentment which we ourselves have derived from this knowledge. We are deeply grateful for the help we have received from others in the preparation of this book.


San Francisco, March 1945
101 Parnassus Avenue

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