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SALDIS invited both her grandsons to stay with her. Arngrim was two winters older than Steinolf; there was not in the whole of the Eyjafirth any boys of a better disposition or greater promise, and they were very fond of each other. When one was four years old and the other six, they were one day playing together, and Steinolf asked Arngrim to lend him the little brass horse which he had. Arngrim answered, "I will give it you, for looking to my age, it is more fit for your plaything than mine." Steinolf went and told his foster-mother what a fair gift he had got, and she said it was quite right that they should be on such good terms with one another.
        There was a woman who went about in that part of the country, named Oddbiörg, who amused people by story telling, and was a "spaewife." A feeling existed that it was of some consequence for the mistress of the house to receive her well, for that what she said depended more or less on how she was entertained. She came to Upsal, and Saldis asked her to spae something, and that something good, of those boys. Her answer was, "Hopeful are these lads; but what their future luck may be it is difficult for me to discern." Saldis exclaimed, "If I am to judge by this unsatisfactory speech of yours, I suppose you are not pleased with your treatment here." "You must not," said Oddbiörg, "let this affect your hospitality, nor need you be so particular about a word of this kind." "The less you say the better," replied Saldis, "if you can tell us nothing good." "I have not yet said too much," she answered; "but I do not think this love of theirs will last long." Then Saldis said, "I should have thought my good treatment of you deserved some other omen; and if you deal with evil bodings, you will have a chance of being turned out of doors." "Well," said Oddbiörg, "since you are so angry about nothing, I see no need for sparing you, and I shall never trouble you again. But, take it as you will, I can tell you that these boys will hereafter be the death each of the other, and one mischief worse than another for this district will spring from them." So Oddbiörg is out of our story.

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