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Nothung! Nothung!
Conquering sword!

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Mime at the anvil

p. 4

Mime and the infant Siegfried

p. 6

"And there I learned
What love was like"

p. 8

Siegfried sees himself in the stream

p. 10

Mime finds the mother of Siegfried in the forest

p. 12

"In dragon's form Fafner
now watches the hoard"

p. 28

Mime and the Wanderer

p. 30

The forging of Nothung

p. 32

Siegfried kills Fafner

p. 34

"The hot blood burns like fire!"

p. 52

The dwarfs quarrelling over the body of Fafner

p. 54

   "Magical rapture
    Pierces my heart;
    Fixed is my gaze,
    Burning with terror;
I reel, my heart faints and fails!

p. 88

    "Sun, I hail thee!
    Hail, O light!
Hail, O glorious day!

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Brünnhilde throws herself into Siegfried's arms

p. 92

The three Norns

p. 97

The Norns vanish

p. 112

Siegfried leaves Brünnhilde in search of adventure

p. 114

Siegfried hands the drinking-horn back to Gutrune, and gazes at her with sudden passion

p. 116

Brünnhilde kisses the ring that Siegfried has left with her

p. 121

The ravens of Wotan

p. 136

The ring upon thy hand--

p. 138

The wooing of Grimhilde, the mother of Hagen

p. 140

"Swear to me, Hagen, my son!"

p. 142

O wife betrayed

p. 160

Though gaily ye may laugh

p. 162

Siegfried! Siegfried!

p. 164

Siegfried's death

p. 166

Brünnhilde on Grane leaps on to the fumeral pyre of Siegfried

p. 181

The Rhine-Maidens obtain possession of the ring and bear it off in triumph

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