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The Hut in the Forest     11
The Tale of the Silver Saucer and the Transparent Apple     18
Sadko     40
Frost     54
The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship     70
Baba Yaga     88
The Cat who became Head-Forester     106
Spring in the Forest     120
The Little Daughter of the Snow     122
Prince Ivan, the Witch Baby, and the Little Sister of the Sun     136
The Stolen Turnips, the Magic Tablecloth, the Sneezing Goat, and the Wooden Whistle     155
Little Master Misery     184
A Chapter of Fish     206
The Golden Fish     212
Who Lived in the Skull?     228
Alenoushka and her Brother     231
The Fire-Bird, the Horse of Power, and the Princess Vasilissa     242
The Hunter and his Wife     260
The Three Men of Power--Evening, Midnight, and Sunrise     269
Salt     294
The Christening in the Village     316


They sailed away once more over the blue sea Frontispiece
There she was, a good fur cloak about her shoulders and costly blankets round her feet 64
There she was, beating with the pestle and sweeping with the besom 96
Misery seated himself firmly on his shoulders and pulled out handfuls of his hair 192
"Head in air and tail in sea,
Fish, fish, listen to me"
He stepped on one of its fiery wings and pressed it to the ground 240
It caught up the three lovely princesses and carried them up into the air 272

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