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The Nibelungenlied

Daniel B. Shumway, translator

Houghton-Mifflin Co., New York,


Title Page
Introductory Sketch
Adventure I
Adventure II: Of Siegfried.
Adventure III: How Siegfried Came to Worms.
Adventure IV: How He Fought with the Saxons.
Adventure V: How Siegfried First Saw Kriemhild.
Adventure VI: How Gunther Fared To Isenland for Brunhild.
Adventure VII: How Gunther Won Brunhild.
Adventure VIII: How Siegfried Fared To His Men-At-Arms, the Nibelungs.
Adventure IX: How Siegfried Was Sent To Worms.
Adventure X: How Brunhild Was Received At Worms.
Adventure XI: How Siegfried Journeyed Homeward With His Wife.
Adventure XII: How Gunther Bade Siegfried To The Feasting.
Adventure XIII: How They Journeyed To The Feasting.
Adventure XIV: How The Queens Reviled Each Other.
Adventure XV: How Siegfried Was Betrayed.
Adventure XVI: How Siegfried Was Slain.
Adventure XVII: How Kriemhild Mourned Her Husband And How He Was Buried.
Adventure XVIII: How Siegmund Journeyed Home Again.
Adventure XIX: How The Nibelung Hoard Was Brought to Worms.
Adventure XX: How King Etzel Sent To Burgundy For Kriemhild.
Adventure XXI: How Kriemhild Journeyed To The Huns.
Adventure XXII: How Etzel Made Kriemhild His Bride.
Adventure XXIII: How Kriemhild Thought To Avenge Her Wrongs.
Adventure XXIV: How Werbel And Swemmel Brought The Message.
Adventure XXV: How The Lords All Journeyed To The Huns.
Adventure XXVI: How Gelfrat Was Slain By Dankwart.
Adventure XXVII: How They Came To Bechelaren.
Adventure XXVIII: How The Burgundians Came To Etzel's Castle.
Adventure XXIX: How Hagen Would Not Rise For Kriemhild.
Adventure XXX: How They Kept The Watch.
Adventure XXXI: How They Went To Church.
Adventure XXXII: How Bloedel Was Slain.
Adventure XXXIII: How The Burgundians Fought The Huns.
Adventure XXXIV: How They Cast Out The Dead.
Adventure XXXV: How Iring Was Slain.
Adventure XXXVI: How The Queen Gave Orders To Burn the Hall.
Adventure XXXVII: How Margrave Rudeger Was Slain.
Adventure XXXVIII: How All Sir Dietrich's Warriors Were Slain.
Adventure XXXIX: How Gunther And Hagen And Kriemhild Were Slain.