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April Love, by William Morris [1855] (Public Domain Image)

Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair

by William Morris


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Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair was William Morris' retelling of the medieval Lay of Havelock the Dane. Unlike the original, Morris puts more emphasis on the romantic side of the story. The novel, with its development of a royal character unaware of their true status, had an influence on Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis.

Title Page
Chapter I. Of the King of Oakenrealm, and his Wife and his Child
Chapter II. Of the King's Son
Chapter III. Of The King of Meadham and his Daughter
Chapter IV. Of the Maiden Goldilind
Chapter V. Goldilind comes to Greenharbour
Chapter VI. How Rolf the Marshal Dreams a Dream and Comes to the Castle of the Uttermost March
Chapter VII. How Christopher Went a Journey into the Wild-Wood
Chapter VIII. Christopher Comes to the Tofts
Chapter IX. Squire Simon Comes Back to Oakenham. The Earl Marshal Taken to King in Oakenrealm
Chapter X. Of Christopher at the Tofts
Chapter XI. How Christopher Came to Littledale to Abide there a While
Chapter XII. Of Goldilind in The May Morning at Greenharbour
Chapter XIII. Of Goldilind in the Garth
Chapter XIV. Goldilind Goes Free
Chapter XV. Of Goldilind in the Wild-Wood
Chapter XVI. What Goldilind Found in the Wood
Chapter XVII. Goldilind Comes back to Greenharbour
Chapter XVIII. Earl Geoffrey Speaks with Goldilind
ChapterXIX. Earl Geoffrey Speaketh with Christopher
Chapter XX. Of the Wedding of Christopher and Goldilind
Chapter XXI. Of The Wedding of those Twain
Chapter XXII. Of the Woodland Bride-Chamber
Chapter XXIII. They Fall in with Friends
Chapter XXIV. They take Counsel at Littledale
Chapter XXV. Now they all Come to the Tofts
Chapter XXVI. Of The King of Oakenrealm
Chapter XXVII. Of the Husting of the Tofts
ChapterXXVIII. Of the Hosting in Hazeldale
Chapter XXIX. Tidings Come to Hazeldale
Chapter XXX. Of The Field that was Set in the Holm of Hazeldale
Chapter XXXI. The Battle on the Holm
Chapter XXXII. Of Goldilind and Christopher
Chapter XXXIII. A Council of Captains: The Host Comes to Broadlees, and Makes for Woodwall
Chapter XXXIV. Battle Before Woodwall
Chapter XXXV. An Old Acquaintance and an Evil Deed
Chapter XXXVI. King Christopher Comes to Oakenham
Chapter XXXVII. Of Child Christopher's Dealings with his Friends and His Folk
Chapter XXXVIII. Of Matters of Meadham