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 How Sir Percivale and Sir Bors met with Sir Galahad,
 and how they came to the castle of Carbonek, and other
 SO departed he from thence, and commended the brethren
 to God; and so he rode five days till that he came to the
 Maimed King.  And ever followed Percivale the five days,
 asking where he had been; and so one told him how the
 adventures of Logris were enchieved.  So on a day it befell
 that they came out of a great forest, and there they met at
 traverse with Sir Bors, the which rode alone.  It is none
 need to tell if they were glad; and them he saluted, and
 they yielded him honour and good adventure, and everych
 told other.  Then said Bors:  It is mo than a year and
 an half that I ne lay ten times where men dwelled, but in
 wild forests and in mountains, but God was ever my
 Then rode they a great while till that they came to the
 castle of Carbonek.  And when they were entered within
 the castle King Pelles knew them; then there was great
 joy, for they wist well by their coming that they had
 fulfilled the quest of the Sangreal.  Then Eliazar, King
 Pelles' son, brought to-fore them the broken sword
 wherewith Joseph was stricken through the thigh.  Then
 Bors set his hand thereto, if that he might have soldered
 it again; but it would not be.  Then he took it to Percivale,
 but he had no more power thereto than he.  Now
 have ye it again, said Percivale to Galahad, for an it be ever
 enchieved by any bodily man ye must do it.  And then he
 took the pieces and set them together, and they seemed
 that they had never been broken, and as well as it had
 been first forged.  And when they within espied that the
 adventure of the sword was enchieved, then they gave the
 sword to Bors, for it might not be better set; for he was
 a good knight and a worthy man.
 And a little afore even the sword arose great and
 marvellous, and was full of great heat that many men fell
 for dread.  And anon alighted a voice among them, and
 said:  They that ought not to sit at the table of Jesu
 Christ arise, for now shall very knights be fed.  So they
 went thence, all save King Pelles and Eliazar, his son, the
 which were holy men, and a maid which was his niece;
 and so these three fellows and they three were there, no
 mo.  Anon they saw knights all armed came in at the
 hall door, and did off their helms and their arms, and said
 unto Galahad:  Sir, we have hied right much for to be
 with you at this table where the holy meat shall be
 departed.  Then said he:  Ye be welcome, but of whence
 be ye?  So three of them said they were of Gaul, and
 other three said they were of Ireland, and the other three
 said they were of Denmark.  So as they sat thus there
 came out a bed of tree, of a chamber, the which four
 gentlewomen brought; and in the bed lay a good man
 sick, and a crown of gold upon his head; and there in the
 midst of the place they set him down, and went again
 their way.  Then he lift up his head, and said:  Galahad,
 Knight, ye be welcome, for much have I desired your
 coming, for in such pain and in such anguish I have been
 long.  But now I trust to God the term is come that my
 pain shall be allayed, that I shall pass out of this world so
 as it was promised me long ago.  Therewith a voice said:
 There be two among you that be not in the quest of the
 Sangreal, and therefore depart ye.