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How Sir Galahad departed, and how he was commanded
to go to the Castle of Maidens to destroy the wicked

NOW will I depart, said Galahad, for I have much on hand,
for many good knights be full busy about it, and this
knight and I were in the same quest of the Sangreal.  Sir,
said a good man, for his sin he was thus wounded; and
I marvel, said the good man, how ye durst take upon you
so rich a thing as the high order of knighthood without
clean confession, and that was the cause ye were bitterly
wounded.  For the way on the right hand betokeneth the
highway of our Lord Jesu Christ, and the way of a good
true good liver.  And the other way betokeneth the way
of sinners and of misbelievers.  And when the devil saw
your pride and presumption, for to take you in the quest
of the Sangreal, that made you to be overthrown, for it
may not be enchieved but by virtuous living.  Also, the
writing on the cross was a signification of heavenly deeds,
and of knightly deeds in God's works, and no knightly
deeds in worldly works.  And pride is head of all deadly
sins, that caused this knight to depart from Galahad.  And
where thou tookest the crown of gold thou sinnest in
covetise and in theft: all this were no knightly deeds.
And this Galahad, the holy knight, the which fought with
the two knights, the two knights signify the two deadly
sins which were wholly in this knight Melias; and they
might not withstand you, for ye are without deadly sin.

Now departed Galahad from thence, and betaught them
all unto God.  Sir Melias said:  My lord Galahad, as soon
as I may ride I shall seek you.  God send you health, said
Galahad, and so took his horse and departed, and rode
many journeys forward and backward, as adventure would
lead him.  And at the last it happened him to depart from
a place or a castle the which was named Abblasoure; and
he had heard no mass, the which he was wont ever to hear
or ever he departed out of any castle or place, and kept
that for a custom.  Then Sir Galahad came unto a mountain
where he found an old chapel, and found there
nobody, for all, all was desolate; and there he kneeled
to-fore the altar, and besought God of wholesome counsel.
So as he prayed he heard a voice that said:  Go thou now,
thou adventurous knight, to the Castle of Maidens, and
there do thou away the wicked customs.