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How Galahad departed with the shield, and how King
Evelake had received the shield of Joseph of Aramathie.

SIR GALAHAD, said the squire, that knight that wounded
Bagdemagus sendeth you greeting, and bade that ye should
bear this shield, wherethrough great adventures should
befall.  Now blessed be God and fortune, said Galahad.
And then he asked his arms, and mounted upon his horse,
and hung the white shield about his neck, and commended
them unto God.  And Sir Uwaine said he would bear
him fellowship if it pleased him.  Sir, said Galahad, that
may ye not, for I must go alone, save this squire shall
bear me fellowship: and so departed Uwaine.

Then within a while came Galahad thereas the White
Knight abode him by the hermitage, and everych saluted
other courteously.  Sir, said Galahad, by this shield be
many marvels fallen.  Sir, said the knight, it befell after
the passion of our Lord Jesu Christ thirty-two year, that
Joseph of Aramathie, the gentle knight, the which took
down our Lord off the holy Cross, at that time he
departed from Jerusalem with a great party of his kindred
with him.  And so he laboured till that they came to a
city that hight Sarras.  And at that same hour that Joseph
came to Sarras there was a king that hight Evelake, that
had great war against the Saracens, and in especial against
one Saracen, the which was King Evelake's cousin, a rich
king and a mighty, which marched nigh this land, and his
name was called Tolleme la Feintes.  So on a day these
two met to do battle.  Then Joseph, the son of Joseph of
Aramathie, went to King Evelake and told him he should
be discomfit and slain, but if he left his belief of the old
law and believed upon the new law.  And then there he
shewed him the right belief of the Holy Trinity, to the
which he agreed unto with all his heart; and there this
shield was made for King Evelake, in the name of Him
that died upon the Cross.  And then through his good
belief he had the better of King Tolleme.  For when
Evelake was in the battle there was a cloth set afore the
shield, and when he was in the greatest peril he let put
away the cloth, and then his enemies saw a figure of a
man on the Cross, wherethrough they all were discomfit.
And so it befell that a man of King Evelake's was smitten
his hand off, and bare that hand in his other hand; and
Joseph called that man unto him and bade him go with
good devotion touch the Cross.  And as soon as that man
had touched the Cross with his hand it was as whole as
ever it was to-fore.  Then soon after there fell a great
marvel, that the cross of the shield at one time vanished
away that no man wist where it became.  And then King
Evelake was baptised, and for the most part all the people
of that city.  So, soon after Joseph would depart, and
King Evelake would go with him, whether he wold or
nold.  And so by fortune they came into this land, that
at that time was called Great Britain; and there they
found a great felon paynim, that put Joseph into prison.
And so by fortune tidings came unto a worthy man that
hight Mondrames, and he assembled all his people for the
great renown he had heard of Joseph; and so he came
into the land of Great Britain and disherited this felon
paynim and consumed him, and therewith delivered Joseph
out of prison.  And after that all the people were turned
to the Christian faith.