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 How King Arthur had all the knights together for to joust
 in the meadow beside Camelot or they departed.
 Now, said the king, I am sure at this quest of the
 Sangreal shall all ye of the Table Round depart, and never
 shall I see you again whole together; therefore I will see
 you all whole together in the meadow of Camelot to joust
 and to tourney, that after your death men may speak of
 it that such good knights were wholly together such a
 day.  As unto that counsel and at the king's request
 they accorded all, and took on their harness that longed
 unto jousting.  But all this moving of the king was for
 this intent, for to see Galahad proved; for the king
 deemed he should not lightly come again unto the court
 after his departing.  So were they assembled in the
 meadow, both more and less.  Then Sir Galahad, by the
 prayer of the king and the queen, did upon him a noble
 jesseraunce, and also he did on his helm, but shield would
 he take none for no prayer of the king.  And then Sir
 Gawaine and other knights prayed him to take a spear.
 Right so he did; and the queen was in a tower with all
 her ladies, for to behold that tournament.  Then Sir
 Galahad dressed him in midst of the meadow, and began
 to break spears marvellously, that all men had wonder of
 him; for he there surmounted all other knights, for
 within a while he had defouled many good knights of the
 Table Round save twain, that was Sir Launcelot and Sir