Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK XV

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BOOK XV CHAPTER I How Sir Launcelot came to a chapel, where he found dead, in a white shirt, a man of religion, of an hundred winter old.
BOOK XV CHAPTER II Of a dead man, how men would have hewn him, and it would not be, and how Sir Launcelot took the hair of the dead man.
BOOK XV CHAPTER III Of an advision that Sir Launcelot had, and how he told it to an hermit, and desired counsel of him.
BOOK XV CHAPTER IV How the hermit expounded to Sir Launcelot his advision, and told him that Sir Galahad was his son.
BOOK XV CHAPTER V How Sir Launcelot jousted with many knights, and how he was taken.
BOOK XV CHAPTER VI How Sir Launcelot told his advision to a woman, and how she expounded it to him.