Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK I

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BOOK I CHAPTER I How Uther Pendragon sent for the duke of Cornwall and Igraine his wife, and of their departing suddenly again.
BOOK I CHAPTER II How Uther Pendragon made war on the duke of Cornwall, and how by the mean of Merlin he lay by the duchess and gat Arthur.
BOOK I CHAPTER III Of the birth of King Arthur and of his nurture.
BOOK I CHAPTER IV Of the death of King Uther Pendragon.
BOOK I CHAPTER V How Arthur was chosen king, and of wonders and marvels of a sword taken out of a stone by the said Arthur.
BOOK I CHAPTER VI How King Arthur pulled out the sword divers times.
BOOK I CHAPTER VII How King Arthur was crowned, and how he made officers.
BOOK I CHAPTER VIII How King Arthur held in Wales, at a Pentecost, a great feast, and what kings and lords came to his feast.
BOOK I CHAPTER IX Of the first war that King Arthur had, and how he won the field.
BOOK I CHAPTER X How Merlin counselled King Arthur to send for King Ban and King Bors, and of their counsel taken for the war.
BOOK I CHAPTER XI Of a great tourney made by King Arthur and the two kings Ban and Bors, and how they went over the sea.
BOOK I CHAPTER XII How eleven kings gathered a great host against King Arthur.
BOOK I CHAPTER XIII Of a dream of the King with the Hundred Knights.
BOOK I CHAPTER XIV How the eleven kings with their host fought against Arthur and his host, and many great feats of the war.
BOOK I CHAPTER XV Yet of the same battle.
BOOK I CHAPTER XVI Yet more of the same battle.
BOOK I CHAPTER XVII Yet more of the same battle, and how it was ended by Merlin.
BOOK I CHAPTER XVIII How King Arthur, King Ban, and King Bors rescued King Leodegrance, and other incidents.
BOOK I CHAPTER XIX How King Arthur rode to Carlion, and of his dream, and how he saw the questing beast.
BOOK I CHAPTER XX How King Pellinore took Arthur's horse and followed the Questing Beast, and how Merlin met with Arthur.
BOOK I CHAPTER XXI How Ulfius impeached Queen Igraine, Arthur's mother, of treason; and how a knight came and desired to have the death of his master revenged.
BOOK I CHAPTER XXII How Griflet was made knight, and jousted with a knight
BOOK I CHAPTER XXIII How twelve knights came from Rome and asked truage for this land of Arthur, and how Arthur fought with a knight.
BOOK I CHAPTER XXIV How Merlin saved Arthur's life, and threw an enchantment on King Pellinore and made him to sleep.
BOOK I CHAPTER XXV How Arthur by the mean of Merlin gat Excalibur his sword of the Lady of the Lake.
BOOK I CHAPTER XXVI How tidings came to Arthur that King Rience had overcome eleven kings, and how he desired Arthur's beard to trim his mantle.
BOOK I CHAPTER XXVII How all the children were sent for that were born on May-day, and how Mordred was saved.