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The Orange Fairy Book, by Andrew Lang, [1906], at



The Story of the Hero Makoma

The Magic Mirror

Story of the King who would see Paradise

How Isuro the Rabbit tricked Gudu

Ian, the Soldier's Son

The Fox and the Wolf

How Ian Direach got the Blue Falcon

The Ugly Duckling

The Two Caskets

The Goldsmith's Fortune

The Enchanted Wreath

The Foolish Weaver

The Clever Cat

The Story of Manus

Pinkel the Thief

The Adventures of a Jackal

The Adventures of the Jachal's Eldest Son

The Adventures of the Younger Son of the Jackal

The Three Treasures of the Giants

The Rover of the Plain

The White Doe

The Girl Fish

The Owl and the Eagle

The Frog and the Lion Fairy

The Adventures of Covan the Brown-haired

The Princess Bella-Flor

The Bird of Truth

The Mink and the Wolf

Adventures of an Indian Brave

How the Stalos were Tricked

Andras Baive

The White Slipper

The Magic Book

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