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The Green Fairy Book, by Andrew Lang, [1892], at


To the Friendly Reader

The Blue Bird

The Half-Chick

The Story of Caliph Stork

The Enchanted Watch


Sylvain and Jocosa

Fairy Gifts

Prince Narcissus and the Princess Potentilla

Prince Featherhead and the Princess Celandine

The Three Little Pigs

Heart of Ice

The Enchanted Ring

The Snuff-box

The Golden Blackbird

The Little Soldier

The Magic Swan

The Dirty Shepherdess

The Enchanted Snake

The Biter Bit

King Kojata

Prince Fickle and Fair Helena


The Story of Hok Lee and the Dwarfs

The Story of the Three Bears

Prince Vivien and the Princess Placida

Little One-eye, Little Two-eyes, and Little Three-eyes

Jorinde and Joringel

Allerleirauh; or, the Many-furred Creature

The Twelve Huntsmen

Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle

The Crystal Coffin

The Three Snake-leaves

The Riddle

Jack my Hedgehog

The Golden Lads

The White Snake

The Story of a Clever Tailor

The Golden Mermaid

The War of the Wolf and the Fox

The Story of the Fisherman and his Wife

The Three Musicians

The Three Dogs

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