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Finnish Kalevala 

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The Kalevala

translated by John Martin Crawford


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The Kalevala is the national saga of Finland. Pieced together (and embellished) by Elias Lönnrot in the late 19th Century, from a traditional cycle told by rural storytellers, the tales which constitute the Kalevala show signs of great antiquity.--J. B. Hare

Title Page
Rune I. Birth of Wainamoinen.
Rune II. Wainamoinen's Sowing.
Rune III. Wainamoinen and Youkahainen.
Rune IV. The Fate of Aino.
Rune V. Wainamoinen's Lamentation.
Rune VI. Wainamoinen's Hapless Journey.
Rune VII. Wainamoinen's Rescue.
Rune VIII. Maiden of the Rainbow.
Rune IX. Origin of Iron.
Rune X. Ilmarinen Forges the Sampo.
Rune XI. Lemminkainen's Lament.
Rune XII. Kyllikki's Broken Vow.
Rune XIII. Lemminikainen's Second Wooing.
Rune XIV. Death of Lemminkainen.
Rune XV. Lemminkainen's Restoration.
Rune XVI. Wainamoinen's Boat-building.
Rune XVII. Wainamoinen Finds the Lost-word.
Rune XVIII. The Rival Suitors.
Rune XIX. Ilmarinen's Wooing.
Rune XX. The Brewing of Beer.
Rune XXI. Ilmarinen's Wedding-feast.
Rune XXII. The Bride's Farewell.
Rune XXIII. Osmotar the Bride-adviser
Rune XXIV. The Bride's Farewell.
Rune XXV. Wainamoinen's Wedding-songs.
Rune XXVI. Origin of the Serpent.
Rune XXVII. The Unwelcome Guest.
Rune XXVIII. The Mother's Counsel
Rune XXIX. The Isle of Refuge.
Rune XXX. The Frost-fiend.
Rune XXXI. Kullerwoinen Son of Evil.
Rune XXXII. Kullervo As A Sheperd.
Rune XXXIII. Kullervo and the Cheat-cake.
Rune XXXIV. Kullervo Finds His Tribe-folk.
Rune XXXV. Kullervo's Evil Deeds.
Rune XXXVI. Kullerwoinen's Victory and Death.
Rune XXXVII. Ilmarinen's Bride of Gold.
Rune XXXVIII. Ilmarinen's Fruitless Wooing.
Rune XXXIX. Wainamoinen's Sailing.
Rune XL. Birth of the Harp.
Rune XLI. Wainamoinen's Harp-songs.
Rune XLII. Capture of the Sampo.
Rune XLIII. The Sampo Lost In the Sea.
Rune XLIV. Birth of the Second Harp.
Rune XLV. Birth of the Nine Diseases
Rune XLVI. Otso the Honey-eater.
Rune XLVII. Louhi Steals Sun, Moon, and Fire.
Rune XLVIII. Capture of the Fire-fish.
Rune XLIX. Restoration of the Sun and Moon.
Rune L. Mariatta--Wainamoinen's Departure.