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Heimdall and Little Hnossa, by Willy Pogany [1920] (Public Domain Image)
Heimdall and Little Hnossa, by Willy Pogany [1920] (Public Domain Image)

The Children of Odin

by Padraic Colum

Illustrated by Willy Pogany


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This is Padraic Colum's retelling of the Eddas and the Volsung Saga for young adults. Colum and Pogany also collaborated on The Adventures of Odysseus, and The King of Ireland's Son.

Title Page

Part I. The Dwellers in Asgard

1. Far Away and Long Ago
2. The Building of the Wall
3. Iduna and Her Apples: How Loki Put the Gods in Danger
4. Sif's Golden Hair: How Loki Wrought Mischief in Asgard
5. How Brock Brought Judgment on Loki
6. How Freya Gained Her Necklace and How Her Loved One was Lost to Her
7. How Frey Won Gerda, the Giant Maiden, and How He Lost His Magic Sword
8. Heimdall and Little Hnossa: How All Things Came to Be
9. The All-Father's Forebodings: How He Leaves Asgard

Part II. Odin the Wanderer

1. Odin Goes to Mimir's Well: His Sacrifice for Wisdom
2. Odin Faces an Evil Man
3. Odin Wins for Men the Magic Mead
4. Odin Tells to Vidar, His Silent Son, the Secret of His Doings
5. Thor and Loki in the Giants' City
6. How Thor and Loki Befooled Thrym the Giant
7. Aegir's Feast: How Thor Triumphed
8. The Dwarfs Hoard, and the Curse that it Brought

Part III: The Witch's Heart

1. Foreboding in Asgard
2. Loki the Betrayer
3. Loki Against the Aesir
4. The Valkyrie
5. The Children of Loki
6. Baldur's Doom
7. Loki's Punishment

Part IV. The Sword of the Volsungs and the Twilight of the Gods

1. Sigurd's Youth
2. The Sword Gram and the Dragon Fafnir
3. The Dragon's Blood
3. The Story of Sigmund and Signy
4. The Story of Sigmund and Sinfiotli
5. The Story of the Vengeance of the Volsungs and of the Death of Sinfiotli
6. Brynhild in the House of Flame
7. Sigurd at the House of the Nibelungs
8. How Brynhild was Won for Gunnar
9. The Death of Sigurd
10. The Twilight of the Gods