Sacred Texts Northern European

Household Tales

Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm (1812)

Margaret Hunt, tr.

The Frog-King, Or Iron Henry 7436 bytes
Our Lady's Child 9923 bytes
The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids 5819 bytes
Faithful John 16568 bytes
The Pack Of Ragamuffins 4140 bytes
Rapunzel 7709 bytes
The Three Little Men In The Wood 10832 bytes
The Three Spinners 4875 bytes
Hansel And Grethel 15598 bytes
The Fisherman And His Wife 15884 bytes
The Valiant Little Tailor 31661 bytes
Mother Holle 6133 bytes
The Seven Ravens 4972 bytes
Little Red-Cap 7735 bytes
The Bremen Town-Musicians 6681 bytes
The Girl Without Hands 12016 bytes
Clever Elsie 6803 bytes
Thumbling 11548 bytes
Thumbling As Journeyman 8671 bytes
The Six Swans 10359 bytes
Little Briar-Rose 7058 bytes
Fundevogel 5067 bytes
King Thrushbeard 8695 bytes
Little Snow-White 16664 bytes
Rumpelstiltskin 5685 bytes
The Three Feathers 5499 bytes
The Golden Goose 5676 bytes
Allerleirauh 11308 bytes
The Wolf And The Fox 3742 bytes
Hans In Luck 10504 bytes
The Goose-Girl 11693 bytes
The Peasant's Wise Daughter 7342 bytes
The Spirit In The Bottle 9229 bytes
Bearskin 10343 bytes
The Willow-Wren And The Bear 4886 bytes
Wise Folks 8096 bytes
The Ungrateful Son 845 bytes
The Shroud 1342 bytes
The Two Kings' Children 17655 bytes
The Seven Swabians 5595 bytes
One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes 14294 bytes
Snow-White And Rose-Red 13019 bytes