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872. The battle of Hafrs-firth.

874. Begins the settlement of Iceland.

cca. 897. Thrand and Ufeigh Grettir settle Gnup-Wardsrape.

cca. 900. Onund Treefoot comes to Iceland.

cca. 920. Death of Onund Treefoot.

929. The Althing established.

997 (?). Grettir born.

I000. Christianity sanctioned by law.

1004. Skapti Thorodson made law-man.

1011. Grettir slays Skeggi; goes abroad, banished for three Years.

1012. Slaying of Thorir Paunch and his fellows in Haramsey. Earl Eric goes to Denmark.

1013. Slaying of Biorn at the Island of Gartar. Slaying of Thorgils Makson. Illugi Asmundson born. Death of Thorkel Krafla.

1014. Slaying of Gunnar in Tunsberg. Grettir goes back to Iceland; fights with the men of Meal on Ramfirth-neck. Heath-slayings. Thorgeir Havarson outlawed. Fight with Glam the ghost.

1015. Fight of Nesjar in Norway. Slaying of Thorbiorn Tardy. Grettir fares abroad. Burning

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of the sons of Thorir of Garth. Death of Asmund the Greyhaired.

1016. Grettir meets King Olaf; fails to bear iron; goes east to Tunsberg to Thorstein Dromund. Slaying of Atli of Biarg. Grettir outlawed at the Thing for the burning of the sons of Thorir; his return to Iceland. Slaying of Thorbiorn Oxmain and his son Arnor.

1017. Grettir at Reek-knolls. Law-suit for the slaying of Thorbiorn Oxmain. Grettir taken by the Icefirth churls.

1018. Grettir at Liarskogar with Thorstein Kuggson his travels to the East to Skapti the lawman and Thorhall of Tongue, and thence to the Keel-mountain, where he met Hallmund (Air) for the first time.

1019-1021. Grettir on Ernewater-heath.

1021. Grettir goes to the Marshes.

1022-1024. Grettir in Fairwoodfell.

1024. Grettir visits Hallmund again.

1025. Grettir discovers Thorirsdale.

1025-1026. Grettir travels round by the East; haunts Madderdale-heath and Reek heath.

1026. Thorstein Kuggson slain.

1027. Grettir at Sandheaps in Bard-dale.

1028. Grettir haunts the west by Broadfirth-dales, meets Thorod Snorrison.

1028-1031. Grettir in Drangey.

1029. Grettir visits Heronness-thing.

1030. Grettir fetches fire from Reeks. Skapti the lawman dies.

1031. Death of Snorri Godi and Grettir Asmundson.

1033. Thorbiorn Angle slain.

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