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Fairy Tales of Modern Greece

by Theodore P. Gianakoulis and Georgia H. MacPherson


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This is a wonderful collection of stories about Greek fairies. Similar to the northern fairies, they are not adverse to interacting with mortals. However, there is always some proviso, such as the fairy bride who is forbidden to speak, and drives her husband mad (The Fairy Mother). The tragedy can also turn the other way, such as the fairy maiden exiled from the fairy palace by one kiss from a mortal (The Fairy Comb). Greek fairies avoid guns (i.e. metal), crosses, and talismans, just like their northern counterparts. They have sanctuaries, sometimes on mountain peaks, sometimes in the ocean. The Greek fairies described here are obvious descendants of the nature elementals of ancient mythology.--J.B. Hare.

Title Page
I. The Fairy Hunter
II. Fairy Gardens
III. The Fairy Wife
IV. Fairies of the Waterfall
V. The Fairy Comb
VI. A Fairy Wedding
VII. The Fairy Ring
The Fairies’ Theft
IX. The Haunted Ship
X. The Wonder of Skoupa
XI. The First of May
XII. The Fairy Mother