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End Papers

The road wound in and about the forest, and at noon they came to a part where the trees nigh shut out the sky

''Catch him by the middle,'' he shouted. ''Now you have him, lording, fairly. Throw him prettily!'' And sure enough Stuteley came down.

Marian allowed her eyes to rest fully on young Fitzooth's ardent glance for the briefest moment. But Robin, venturing all, drew nigh

''Smite them, Warrenton,'' cried Robin, suddenly and excitedly. Their arrows flew together, marvellous shots, each finding its prey.

At last he made a dart upon Roger and the chase grew furious. Dishes, plates, covers, pots and pans--all went flying.

The beggar dealt his foe a back thrust so neatly and so swiftly that Nat was swept off the stage into the crowd as a fly off a table

Little John was already so much recovered of his wound as to sing them a song, whilst Robin made sweet accompaniment upon a harp

Leaning heavily against Little John's sobbing breast, Robin Hood flew his last arrow out through the window, far away into the trees

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