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IN the reign of Henry VIII., one Militon, or Millington, appears to have purchased Pengerswick Castle. This Millington is said to have retired into the solitude of this place on account of a murder which he had committed. (Mr. Wilkie Collins appears to have founded his novel of "Basil" on this tradition.) In all probability a very much older story is adapted to Mr. Millington. So far from his being a recluse, we learn of his purchasing St. Michael's Mount, "whose six daughters and heirs invested their husbands and purchasers therewith."

That Millington was a man of wealth, and that large possessions were held by his family, is sufficiently evident. St. Michael's Mount appears to have been "granted at first for a term of years to different gentlemen of the neighbourhood. To Millington, supposed of Pengerswick, in Breage; to Harris, of Kenegie, in Gulval; and, perhaps jointly with Millington, to a Billett or Bennett."--Hals.

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