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NEAR the oldest Perran church there formerly existed a lake called the Vlow, and across this lake the sand was never blown. The sands encroached rapidly on the first church, and it was resolved by the parish to build a church on the other side of the lake, where it would be quite beyond the reach of the sands. The church was built and remained for a long period free from the effects of the blowing sands. At length a miner, called Roberts, drove an adit in from the cliffs under the lake, to reach the mine now called Huel Vlow, and this carried off all the water from the lake. Then the sands rapidly advanced towards, and at length threatened to bury, the second church. So great was the danger of this, that at length it was resolved to remove the church to the position which it at present occupies. The limits of the lake can be readily traced.

It is now said--and there is much appearance of truth in it--that the sand will not cross the small stream which divides Perranzabuloe from Cubert. Those who have watched the travelling of the sand will understand the influence of running water in checking its progress.

Languua or Langona - "Church on the Down."

Lan, a church or enclosure. Gun, a down or common. Gan, a level plain, a down--same as Goon.

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