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IF this moss is properly gathered, it is "good against all diseases of the eyes."

 The gathering is regarded as a mystery not to be lightly told; and if any man ventures to write the secret, the virtues of the moss avail him no more. I hope, therefore, my readers will fully value the sacrifice I make in giving them the formula by which they may be guided.

 On the third day of the moon --m when the thin crescent is seen for the first time--show it the knife with which the moss is to be cut, and repeat,-- 

"As Christ heal'd the issue of blood,
Do thou cut, what thou cuttest, for good !"

At sun-down, having carefully washed the hands, the club-moss is to be cut kneeling. It is to be carefully wrapped in a white cloth, and subsequently boiled in some water taken from the spring nearest to its place of growth. This may be used as a fomenta­tion. Or the club-moss may be made into an ointment, with butter made from the milk of a new cow.

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