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JAMES BERRYMAN said, "Fa-ather took a house doun to Lelant, whear we lived for a bra' bit. Very often after I ben in bed, our ould cat wud tear up, coover its ars like a ma-aged thing, jump uppon the bed, and dig her ould hed under the clothes, as if she wud git doun to bottom, and jest after, a man's face, with a light round un, wud cum in; kwas ha-af a face like, and it wud stop at the bottom of the bed. I 'ye sen it many times; and fa-ather, though he didn't say nothin', was glad enough to leave the place. I was tould that the house belonged to an ould man, and that two rich gentlemen, brothers, who lived close by, wanted the place, and put on law, and got the place from the poor ould man. When they war goin' to turn un out, the poor fellow stopped and looked round crying, and then fell down in a fit, was put to bed, and died in the house; and 'twas he, they said, that used to come back."

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