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IN the following Index no attempt is made to indicate the exact pronunciation of foreign names; but in the case of those from the Anglo-Saxon a rough approximation is given, as being often essential to the reading of the metrical versions. In these indications the letters have their ordinary English values; ĕ indicates the very light, obscure sound heard in the indefinite article in such a phrase as "with a rush."


ABLOEC. See Anlaf

ACHILLES. His sulks, 184; Cuchulain, "the Irish," 184

ADEON. Son of Eudav; grand-son of Caradoc, 49

AGE. See Golden Age

AILILL. King of Connaught, husband of Queen Meave; to decide claims to title of Chief Champion, 189; seeks aid of Fairy People of the Hills, 193

AILMAR. King of Westernesse, 290; welcomes and adopts Childe Horn, 291; Princess Rymenhild, daughter of, 292; dubs Horn knight, 297; hears of Horn's first exploit, 299 Fikenhild betrays Horn and Rymenhild to, 300; Horn returns to, 304; reluctantly gives his daughter to Horn, 308 Horn leaves Rymenhild to his care, 308, 309

AIX-LA-CHAPELLE. Wondrous springs of, 125; Charlemagne at, 155

ALEF. King of Cornwall; Hereward at court of, 343; casts Hereward into prison, 343; his daughter releases Hereward, 344, 345; Sigtryg sends forty Danes to, 348

ALFTRUDA. Ward of Edward the Confessor, 339; Hereward's first meeting with, 339; rescues from Fairy Bear, 340, 341; Hereward takes farewell of, 342

ALICE OF CLOUDESLEE. Wife of William of Cloudeslee, 227 outlaw husband visits, 227, 228; rescued from burning house, 232; thanks Adam Bell and Clym for delivering her husband, 240; appointed chief woman of bedchamber to the royal children, 246

ALL-FATHER. Praised for Beowulf's victory over Grendel, 18.

ALTO-BIS-CA´R. Song of (a forgery), 120

ANGLESEY. Same as Mona, 47

ANGLO-SAXON NOBILITY. Hereward the ideal of, 334, 335

ANGLO-SAXON TIMES. Legends regarding Constantine during, 42

ÆNGUS THE EVER-YOUNG. Irish people and wrath of, 158

ANLAF. Same as Olaf, or Sihtricson; known to Welsh as Abloec or Habloc; romantic stories concerning, 73

ANSEIS, DUKE OF. Mortally wounded, 143

ARABIA. Physicians from, with remedies for Constantine's leprosy, 65

ARMAGH. Capital of Ulster; Cuchulain and Emer dwell at, 186; King Conor and heroes return to, 190; heroes return to, 195

ARNOLDIN, SIR. Cousin of Athulf; helps to save Rymenhild, 312; King Ailmar nominates as his heir, 313

ARTHUR, KING. Uncle of Sir Gawayne, 265; Christmas kept at Carlisle by, 266; Guenever, queen of, 266; uncle of Sir Gareth and Sir Mordred, 266; damsel requests a boon of, 267; his journey to Tarn Wathelan, and fight with giant, 269; humiliated by the giant

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BOG OF ALLEN. Cathleen's messenger declared to be sick in, 177

BORS, SIR. A Knight of the Round Table, 266

BOURNE, HALL OF. Home of Leofric, Earl of Mercia, 336

BRAND. Trusted serving-man of Thorbiorn, 97, 102

BRECA. Famous swimming champion, beaten by Beowulf, 6; son of Beanstan, 12

BRICRIU OF THE BITTER TONGUE. Compared with Thersites, 186 invites King Conor and Red Branch heroes to a feast, 186 stirs up strife among heroes of Ulster, 187, 188; flatters the wives of the heroes, 189, 190

BRIGIT. 1. Of the Holy Fire wrath of, and Irish people, 158. 2. Cathleen's old servant, 173

BRISEIS. Achilles and his sulks concerning, 184

BRITAIN. Legend of "The Dream of Maxen Wledig" shows importance of Constantine to, 42 ambassadors of Maxen Wledig carried to, 47; conquered by Maxen Wledig from- Bell, son of Manogan, 48; given by Maxen Wledig to Eudav, 49; Elene summoned from, is baptized, and seeks the sacred Cross, 54-62; Constantine sent to, 63 Constantine proclaimed emperor of, 63

BRITONS, EARLY, Greeks of Homer, and Irish Celts, racial affinity between, 184

BRITTANY. Roland, prefect of marches of, 120

BRUCE, ROBERT. Scottish hero, 248; Sir Nigel Campbell, adherent of, 249


CAERLLEON. See Caernarvon, 49

CAERMARTHEN. See Caernarvon, 49

CAERNARVON. Castle in land of Arvon in which Princess Helena dwelt, 48; given with castles Caerlleon and Caermarthen to Princess Helena as dowry, 49

CAIN. Grendel, offspring of, 4

CALEDONIANS. Defeated by Constantius, 63

CALIDORE, SIR. Mediæval Wales had a knight of courtesy equal to, 265

CALVARY. The hill of, 58, 59, 61

CAMPBELL, SIR NIGEL. Leader in Scottish Independence, 249 father of Black Colin, 249; his death, 259; clansmen of, accompany Black Colin to Holy Land, 252

CARADOC. Father of Eudav grandfather of Princess Helena, and of Princes Kynon and Adeon, 49

CARLISLE. Outlaw band near town of, in Englewood Forest, 226; reference to sheriff of, 227; William of Cloudeslee goes to, 227; sheriff informed of William's presence at, 229 outlaws Adam Bell and Clym go to, 234; the outlaws escape from, 239; King Arthur keeps Christmas at, 266; Sir Gawayne and loathly lady wedded at, 280

CATHBAD. Druid; Cuchulain's tutor, 185

CATHLEEN. Irish countess; legend concerning, 156; antiquity of the legend, 156; the story, 156-183; her grief because of her people's famine, 161; prays to Virgin Mary, 163 Fergus, steward of, 163; value of her wealth, 164; commands Fergus to provide food for sufferers from famine, 165 her goodness extolled by the demons, 169; hears of demon traders, 172; tries to check traffic in souls, 174; visits demons, 176; Oona, foster-mother to, 178; revisits demons, 179; sells her soul, 179, 180; her death, 182

CATHOLIC CHURCH. Pope, head of, 119

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CELION. Constantine to send to, for Bishop Sylvester, 71

CELTIC LITERATURE. Spirit of mysticism in all, 156

CELTS. Gospel preached to, by St. Patrick, 157; Irish, early Britons, and Greeks of Homer, racial affinity between, 184

CHAMPION. 1. Of Erin: compared with Achilles, 184; Cuchulain the, his fame at age of seventeen, 185; Bricriu urges Laegaire to claim title of, 187; title to go to warrior who obtains Champion's Bit, 187; tests to decide claims to title of, 193, 194, 196-203; Uath the Stranger challenges the heroes to a test to decide claims to title, 199-203. 2. Of Women: Hereward known as, 351

CHAMPION OF IRELAND. See Champion of Erin.

CHAMPION'S BIT, THE, 187, 138 claimed by chariot-drivers of Laegaire, Con all, and Cuchulain, 183, 189; awarded by Queen Meave to Laegaire, 195 heroes severally claim, 195, 196; tests to decide claims to, 196-203

CHANSON DE ROLAND. Roland and, 121; late version of Anglo-Norman poem, 122; Thorold, author of, 122

CHARLEMAGNE. World-famed equivalent, 119; head of Roman Empire, 119; Roland, nephew of, 119; expedition into Spain, 119; receives an embassage from Marsile, 124; calls ins Twelve Peers to council, 125; sends Ganelon to Saragossa, 128-130; receives through Ganelon the keys of Saragossa, 134; his evil dream, 134, 137 hears Roland's horn, 145, 146 hastens to the rescue, 146 avenges death of Roland and the Peers, 153, 154; his return to Aix, 155; his son, Louis, promised to Aude the Fair, 155

CHARLES THE GREAT. King of the Franks, world-famed as Charlemagne, 119. See Charlemagne


CHOSEN PEOPLE. The Jews the, 56

CHRIST. The Cross the sign of, 53; the Resurrection of, preached to Constantine, 53; Constantine's desire to find the sacred Cross, 54; inhabitants of Suddene who believe on, threatened with death, 287

CHRISTENDOM. Enriched by treasures of the True Cross and Holy Nails, 62

CHRISTIAN-S. Preach the way of life to Constantine, 53; the Lord of, 57; faith, in Iceland, 96, 97; law, to be driven out of Suddene by law of Mahomet, 287

CHURCH OF ROME. Constantine's generosity to, 42

CHURCHMEN. Beaten and battered by Gamelyn, 217

CINDERELLA. Root idea of, similar to "Gamelyn," 204

CLYM OF THE CLEUGH. Outlaw leader in forest of Englewood, 226; declared powerless to deliver William of Cloudeslee, 233 his stratagem to save William of Cloudeslee, 234; rescues William from death, 238; visits London to see the king, 241; the king pardons, 243

COLIN, BLACK. See Black Colin, 249

COMALA. Hero in Gaelic Highland poems, 248

CONALL CEARNACH. Cuchulain's cousin, a Red Branch chief, 187; urged to claim title of Chief Champion, 187; awarded Champion's Portion, 195; claim tested by Curoi, 196-203; disgraced by Uath, 201

CONFESSIO AMANTIS. Early English poem, by "the moral Gower," 42; Story told in, of Constantine's true charity, 64

CONNAUGHT. Ailill, King of, 189; heroes sent to Cruachan in, 190

CONOR. King of Ulster, 185; Cuchulain, nephew of, 185; Dechtire,

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sister of, 185; invited with the heroes of Red Branch to a feast by Bricriu, 186; received with court at Dundrum by Bricriu, 188

CONQUEROR, WILLIAM THE. Cause of England being laid at feet of, 335

CONSTANTINE III. King of Scotland; marriage of Anlaf with daughter of, 73

CONSTANTINE THE GREAT. Emperor of Rome; renown in mediæval England, 42; Cynewulf's poem, "Elene," written on the subject of his conversion, 42; his vision of the Holy Cross, 42, 50, 51; generosity to Church of Rome and Bishop Sylvester, 42; legends concerning, 42; the only British-born Roman emperor, 49; his greatness provokes a confederation to overthrow him by Huns, Goths, Franks, and Hugas, 50; conquers Huns by Cross standard, 52; Christians preach the way of life to, 13; is baptized into the Christian faith, 53; his desire to find the sacred Cross, 54; sends for Elene, 54 ordains "Holy Cross Day," 62 eldest son of Constantius, 63 sent to Britain, 63; proclaimed emperor, 63; granted title of "Cæsar," 64; marriage with Fausta, 64; elevation to rank of Augustus, 64; Emperor of Rome, 64; attacked by leprosy, 64; the remedies suggested, 65-72; his noble resolve, 68; his vision, 69-70 his healing, 71-72

CONSTANTIUS. Emperor Maxentius hero of the Welsh saga instead of, 42; father of Constantine the Great, 63; proclaimed Emperor of Britain, 63

CORNISH PRINCESS, THE. Daughter of King Alef, affianced to Prince Sigtryg, 343, 344, 345, 346; Haco betrothed to, 347, 348, receives token from Hereward; 348; reveals Haco's plans to Hereward, 349; rescued from Haco, 310; guards, all slain, 351; wedded by Sigtryg, 351

CORNWALL. Godrich, Earl of, 80; Bertram made Earl of, 94; Hereward sails for, 313; Alef, King of, 343; Sigtryg and Hereward sail for, 317

COVENTRY. Lady Godiva's ride through, 335

CRESCENT. Cross exalted above the, 213

CROSS. The Holy, Constantine's vision of, 42, 50, 51; Romans conquer Huns by, 52; the people awed by the standard of the, 53; Constantine's desire to find the sacred, 54; Elene's quest after, 54-62; secret place of, revealed by Judas, 61; "Holy Cross Day" ordained,

CRUACHAN. Conor sends heroes to Ailill at, 190; Good People's Hill at, 163; heroes bid farewell to court at, 195

CRUSADE-S. Reference to, 249: Black Colin receives tidings of one about to be set on foot, 250; Black Colin decides to go on, 251; story of Horn typical of romance i if the, 286

CUCHULAIN. Reference to Connla and, 95; Irish hero, 156; often called "the Irish Achilles," 184; nephew of King Conor and son of Dechtire, 185; god Lugh, reputed father of, 185; champion in Ulster and all Ireland, 185; bride sought for, 186; wooes and weds Emer, daughter of Forgall the Wily, 186; Conall Cearnach, cousin of, 187; urged to claim title of Chief Champion, 188; Grey of Macha and Black Sainglain, magic steeds of, 191; awarded golden cup and Champion's Portion, 195; claim tested by Curoi, 196-203 answers Uath's tests, 202; acclaimed Champion of Heroes of all Ireland, 203

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CUROI OF MUNSTER. Failing a judgment from Ailill, to be asked to decide claims to title of Chief Champion, 190; heroes go to, to hear his judgment, 196; puts heroes to certain tests in order to decide claims, 196-203; assumes form of giant under name of Uath, the Stranger, 199-203

CURTIUS. Reference to, 156

CUTHBERT. Name under which Childe Horn serves King Thurston in Ireland, 301, 302

CYNEWULF (ki´nĕ-wulf). Early English religious poet; "Elene," his poem on the subject of conversion of Constantine the Great, 42

CYRIACUS. Baptismal name of Judas, 61; Bishop of Jerusalem, 61


DAGDA. Irish people and wrath of, 158

DA´G-HREFN. Frankish warrior who slays Hygelac; killed by Beowulf's deadly hand-grip, 35

DANES. Corpse of Scyld sorrowfully placed in vessel by, 2; feasting of, in Heorot, 4; slain in Heorot by Grendel, 4; desert Heorot, 5; welcome Geats and Beowulf, 10; rejoice over Beowulf's victory, 18-29; friendship with Geats, 30; Gospel preached to, 157; Prince Sigtryg sends forty to King Alaf, 348; plan ambush for Haco, 350; rescue Cornish princess, 350, 351

DANISH. 1. Occupation of England and its influence on language, &c., 73. 2. Invasions, hero-legends which have come down from times of, 286

DANUBE. Huns overwhelmed in, 52

DECHTIRE. Sister of King Conor, 185

DECIUS. Reference to, 156

DEMONS. Appear in Erin to buy souls, 168; visited by Cathleen, 176; revisited by her, 179 Cathleen sells her soul to, to ransom her people, 179; cheated of Cathleen's soul, 182

DENMARK. Under sway of Scyld Scefing, 2; Scyld Scefing mysteriously comes to, as babe, 2 Beowulf sails to deliver King of, from Grendel, 6; Warden of, challenges Beowulf, 6; King Birkabeyn's rule over, 74 Godard made regent of, on behalf of Havelok, 75; Havelok sails from, with Grim, 80; Havelok's dream concerning, 86; Havelok's return to, and recognition as King of, 87-92

DIARMUIT. Irish hero, 156

DIOCLETIAN. Emperor; Constantine evades jealousy of, 63

DODDERER. Horse offered as wergild by Thorbiorn to Howard, 107

DOVER. Princess Goldborough imprisoned in castle of, 81; Hereward sails from, to Whitby, 339

DUBLIN. Demons arrive at village near, 168

DUNDRUM. Bricriu receives King Conor and court at, 188

DUNSTAN. Monk; his saintly reputation, 335

DURENDALA. Roland's famous sword, 136; Roland tries in vain to break, 152


ECGTHEOW (eg´theow). Father of Beowulf, Io; shielded by Hrothgar against Wilfings, 11

EDINBURGH. Black Colin at, en route to Holy Land, 253

EDWARD. 1. The First reference to war between England and Scotland during reign of, 249; 2. The Second; reference, ibid., 249; 3. The Confessor: division of England under, 335; Hereward at court of, 337, 338

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banishes Hereward, 338, 339; Alftruda, ward of, 339

EGYPT. Constantine's valour in wars in, 64; philosophers from, with remedies for Constantine's leprosy, 65

ELECTRA. Reference to Orestes and, 95

ELENA. Same as Elene and Helena, 63

"ELENE" (elā´nĕ). Cynewulf's poem of, on the subject of Constantine's conversion, 42; summoned from Britain by Constantine, is baptized, and seeks the sacred Cross, 54-62. Same as Helena (Elena), 63

ELFLEDA THE FAIR. Daughter of King Birkabeyn, 74; slain by Godard, 76

ELY. Hereward's defence of, 334

EMER. Daughter of Forgall the Wily; wooed and wedded by Cuchulain, 186; flattered by Bricriu, 189; flattered by Queen Meave, 195; adjudged by Uath to have first place among all the women of Ulster, 203

ENGELIER THE GASCON. Mortally wounded, 143

ENGLAND. Mediæval, and Constantine the Great, 42; influence on language by Danish occupation, 73; Athelstan, King of, 93; Athelwold, King of, 80; Grim sails from Denmark to, 80; arrives at, in Humber (Grimsby), 81; Havelok's dream concerning, 86; Fergus journeys to, 165; the outlaw of mediæval, 225; King of, pardons outlaws, William of Cloudeslee, &c., 243; war between Scotland and, 249; government of, during twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth centuries, 314; division of, under Edward the Confessor, 335; cause of being laid at Conqueror's feet, 338

ENGLEWOOD. Outlaws in forest of, under Adam Bell, William of Cloudeslee, and Clym of the Cleugh, 226; outlaw band broken up, 247

ERCOL. Ailill's foster-father; heroes sent to, 194

ERIN. See Ireland, 157; demons appear in, 168; Champion of, compared with Achilles, 184; land of, searched for bride for Cuchulain, 186

EUDAV. Son of Caradoc, father of Princess Helena, 49; Kynon and Adeon, sons of, 49

EUROPE. Ruled from City of Seven Hills (Rome) by Emperor Maxen Wledig, 43; Constantine granted rule over Western, 64; relation between Greek and Irish literature among literatures of, 184

EVIL ONE. Tales relating dealings with, reference to, 157; demons buy souls for, 168-182

EXCALIBUR. King Arthur's sword, 269


FAIRY BEAR, THE. A white Polar bear owned by Gilbert of Ghent, 340; reputed kinship of, to Earl Siward, 340, 342; slain by Hereward, 341; Hereward's trick on Norman knights with, 341, 342

FAIRY PEOPLE OF THE HILLS. King Ailill seeks aid of, 193

FAITH. Bishop Sylvester preaches the Christian, to Constantine, 71; Charlemagne fights for, 119; Marsile to embrace the Christian, 131; the true, English knowledge of, 165; Irish sufferers tempted to revolt from, 167


FAUST. Legends, trend of, 157

FAUSTA. Daughter of Emperor Maximian and wife of Constantine, 64

FEDELM. Wife of Laegaire, 189

FEN COUNTRY. Hereward, the terror of the, 336

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FENIANS. Champions of the, identical with Highland Gaelic heroes, 248

FERGUS THE WHITE. Cathleen's steward, 163; foster-brother to Cathleen's grandfather, 164; declares value of Cathleen's wealth, 164; sends servant to buy food at Ulster, 165; journeys to England, 165; returns with help, 182

FIKENHILD. Horn's companion next in favour to Athulf, 287 spies on Horn and Rymenhild, 299, 300; demands Rymenhild in marriage, 311; slain by Horn, 313

FINGAL. Hero in Gaelic Highland poems, 248; Scotch embodiment of Finn, 248

FINN. Fingal Scotch embodiment, 248

FINN OF THE FRISIANS. Victory of Danes over, chanted in Heorot, 19

FINNSBURG. Fight in, sung of in Heorot, 19

FITELA. Son of Sigmund; glory of, chanted by Danish bard, 18

FLEMINGS. Or Normans; Hereward enrolled among, to qualify for knighthood, 339; Hereward's trick on, with Fairy Bear, 341, 342

FOREFATHERS. Feelings of our, embodied in "Beowulf,"

FORGALL THE WILY. Cuchulain wooes Emer, daughter of, 186

FRANCE. Victories of Charlemagne for, 119; Charlemagne sets out for, 134

FRANKISH. 1. Warrior, Daghrefn, slays Hygelac, and is slain by Beowulf, 35. 2. Army marches towards Pyrenees, 134; arrives too late to rescue Roland, 146

FRANKS. Charles the Great (Charlemagne), King of, 119; Saracen host encamps near, 134; and Moors meet in battle, 140; defeat the Saracens, 141; attacked by second Saracen army, 142; defeat the heathens once more, 143; attacked by third Saracen army, 144

FRENCH LITERATURE, developing "Roland Saga," 121



GALERIUS. Constantine evades hatred of, 63; grants Constantine title of "Cæsar," 63

GAMELYN. Tale of, a variant of fairy-tale "Wicked Elder Brothers," 204; ultimate source, through Lodge's "Euphues' Golden Legacy," of As You Like It, 204; literary ancestor of "Robin Hood," 204 Sir John of the Marshes, father of, 205; left in charge of eldest brother, John, 206; resists him, 207, 208; victorious at wrestling match, 210, 211; Over-comes his brother's servants, 212; allows himself to be chained, 213; released by Adam Spencer, 214, 215; batters the Churchmen, 217; puts his brother John in chains, 217; puts sheriff's men to flight, 218 goes to the greenwood, 219 joins the outlaws, 220; proclaimed a wolf's-head, 220; arrested, 221; Otho offers himself as surety, 221; fails to appear at court, 222, 223; releases Otho, 223; sits on judge's seat and condemns Sir John, 224; made chief forester by King Edward, 224; made Otho's heir, 224

GANELON. Romance version of Danilo or Nanilo, 121; compared with Judas, 121; one of Charlemagne's Twelve Peers, 125; his hostility to Roland, 126; plots with Blancandrin the destruction of Roland, 131 delivers to Marsile the message of Charlemagne, 131, 132 Swears on sacred relics the treacherous death of Roland,

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[paragraph continues] 134; delivers keys of Saragossa to Charlemagne, 134; deceives Charlemagne concerning sound of Roland's horn, 145, 146; arrested for treason, 146; his death as a traitor, 155; his name a byword in France for treachery, 155

GARETH, SIR. One of King Arthur's nephews, 266

GASCONS. Attack Charlemagne, 119

GAUTIER, COUNT. Roland's vassal, 136

GAWAYNE, SIR. King Arthur's nephew, the true Knight of Courtesy, 265; learns of King Arthur's adventure with the giant, 274; learns the price to be paid for the loathly lady's secret, 275; offers to pay it by marrying the loathly lady, 275; betroths the loathly lady, 279, 280; weds the loathly lady, 280; his choice frees the loathly lady from magic spells, 281, 283; the beauty of his bride, 281-285

GEATISH COURT. Beowulf brought up at, 6

GEATLAND. Same as Götaland; news of Grendel's ravages reaches, 6; Beowulf sails to, 29; welcomed to shores of, 29, 30

GEATS. Hygelac, King of, 1; Götaland, realm of, 5; arrival with Beowulf at Danish shores, 7; friendship with Danes, 30 forsake Beowulf in his encounter with the fire-dragon, 36; their sorrow over Beowulf's death, 40-41

GERIER. Peer of Charlemagne; mortally wounded, 143

GERIN. Peer of Charlemagne; mortally wounded, 143

GERMANY. Forefathers who dwelt in North, 1; Hygelac seeks conquest of his neighbours on mainland of, 5

GHENT. See Gilbert

GILBERT OF GHENT. Hereward's godfather. 339; Hereward received by, 339; his Fairy Bear, slain by Hereward, 340, 341; Hereward quits his castle, 342; Hereward takes farewell of, 343

GLENURCHY. Glen belonging to MacGregors, given to Sir Niger Campbell, 249; Black Colin inherits, 250; Lady of, grieves over her husband's departure on crusade, 251; Baron MacCorquodale's land borders, 256; Black Colin's return to, 258; new castle built with rents of, 264

GOD. The Unknown, reverenced by Constantine, 51; the people awed by the token of the Unknown, 53; worship of the True, 157; famine cools love for, 167

GODARD, JARL. Counsellor and friend of King Birkabeyn, 75; Havelok committed to care of, 75; regency over Denmark, 75; his cruelty, 76-78; his treachery disclosed and punished by death, 91-92

GODHILD. Queen of Suddene, King Murry's consort, the mother of Horn, 286; hears of husband's death and flees, 288

GODIVA, LADY. Wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia, 335; her famous ride through Coventry, 335 Hereward, second son of, 336

GODRICH. Earl of Cornwall, regent for Princess Goldborough, 80; his rule, 81; imprisons Princess Goldborough out of jealousy, 81; attends sports at Lincoln, 83; hears of Havelok's skill and strength, 83; en-forces a marriage between Havelok and Goldborough, 84; captured, tried as a traitor, and burnt at the stake, 93-94

GODWIN. Earl of Kent, 335 S Lady Gytha, wife of, 335; intercedes on behalf of Hereward, 338; Hereward bids farewell to, 339

GOLDBOROUGH. English princess,

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daughter of King Athelwold; orphaned, 80; Earl Godrich regent for, 80; imprisoned in Dover Castle, 81; forced to wed Havelok, 84 learns in a dream of Havelok's royal birth, 86; crowned Queen of England, 94

GOLDEN AGE. Forefathers cherished lifetime of ancestors as, 1

GÖTALAND. Realm of Geats, in south of Sweden, 5. See Geatland, 7

GOTHS. Form a confederation with the Huns, Franks, and Hugas to overthrow Constantine, 50

GOWER, "THE MORAL." Early English poet; his poem "Confessio Amantis" and Constantine's conversion, 42; story told in "Confessio Amantis" of Constantine's true charity, 64

GREECE. Philosophers from, with remedies for Constantine's leprosy, 65

GREEK-S. Elene touches at land of, 56; literature, relation of, to Irish literature, 184; of Homer, early Britons, and Irish Celts, racial affinity between, 184

GRENDEL. A loathsome fen-monster, 3; enmity aroused by the feasting at Heorot, 4; slays and devours Danes in Heorot, 4; master of Heorot, 5; Beowulf determines to attack, 6; struggles with Beowulf in Heorot, 16; worsted by Beowulf, 17; mother of, avenges his death, 21

GREY OF MACHA. Cuchulain's best-beloved horse, 191

GRIM. Legendary hero whose loyalty secured privileges to Grimsby, 74; Godard's thrall, 77; ordered to drown Havelok, 77; saves and maintains Havelok, 79-82; sails from Denmark to England, 80; sends Havelok to Lincoln, 82; his death, 85; his three sons, Robert the Red, William Wendut, and Hugh the Raven, 87

GRIMSBY. The town of Grim, 74; Havelok at fish-market of, 82 battle near, between Havelok and Godrich, 93

GUDRUN. Reference to Siegfried and, 95

GUENEVER, QUEEN. Wife of King Arthur, 266; dreads magic arts during husband's absence, 274; learns of King Arthur's adventure with the giant, 274; welcomes the loathly lady at court, 280

GUEST, THE WISE. Sister of, marries Thorbiorn, 103; Howard seeks at the Thing, 108, 109, 110; his judgment against Thorbiorn, 110, 111; removes his sister from Thorbiorn, 111; gives judgment at Thing against Howard, 118

GYTHA, LADY. Wife of Godwin, Earl of Kent, 335


HABLOC. Welsh name for Havelok, 73

HACO. Cornish leader; betrothed to the Cornish princess, 347 Cornish princess reveals plans of, to Hereward, 349; ambush planned for, 350; slain by Hereward, 350

HAROLD. Son of King Thurston, 301; slain by the Saracens, 302

HART, THE. See Heorot, 3

HASTINGS. Battle of, and "Song of Roland," 122

HATHCYN. Son of King Hrethel, brought up with Beowulf; slays his brother, Herebeald, 34 slain himself by Swedes, 35

HAUTECLAIRE. Oliver's sword, 141

HAVELOK THE DANE. Legend of, 73; Anlaf, equivalent, 73; hero of the strong arm, in mediæval England, 74; son of King Birkabeyn of Denmark, 74; committed to care of Jar] Godard,

p. 364

[paragraph continues] 75; imprisoned by Godard, 76-77; saved and maintained by Grim, 78-82; brought by Grim to England, 80; his feats of strength, 82-84; Goldborough forced to wed, 84-85; Grim's three sons accompany to Denmark, 87; aided by Jarl Ubbe, 88-93; Ubbe recognises as heir to throne of Denmark, and renders homage to, 90-91; acknowledged King of Denmark, 92; and of England, 94

HEALFDENE (ha´lf-dānĕ). Father of King Hrothgar, 9

HEARDRED (ha´rd-red). Son of Hygelac and Hygd; succeeds his father, 31; his death, 31

HECTOR. Reference to death of, 95

HELENA. British princess; marriage with Constantine glorified in "Mabinogion," 42; hailed as Empress of Rome, 48, 49; receives three castles as dowry, Caernarvon, Caerlleon, and Caermarthen, 49; mother of Constantine the Great, 63

HELL. The purchase of souls for, 170-183; Cathleen sells her soul to, 179

HENGEST. Deeds of, chanted in Heorot, 19

HEOROT (hyo´r-ŏt). Hall built by Hrothgar, 3; same as "The Hart," 3; enmity of Grendel to, 4; feasting of Danes in, 4; Danes slaughtered in, by Grendel, 4; deserted by Danes, 5; Grendel master of, 5; Geats proceed to, 9; feast in, to welcome Beowulf, 12; Grendel and Beowulf struggle in, 16; Grendel's mother enters and carries off Aschere, 21

HEREBEALD (he´rĕ-bald). Son of King Hrethel, brought up with Beowulf, 34

HEREWARD. One of the famous outlaws, 22 5; the Saxon, personality real, yet surrounded by cloud of romance, 334; the ideal of Anglo-Saxon chivalry, as Roland of Norman, 334; second son of Leofric and Go- diva, 336; terror of Fen Country, 336; at court, and his conduct there, 337; banished as an outlaw, 338, 339; his farewell, 338, 339; his first meeting with Alftruda, 339; goes to his godfather, Gilbert of Ghent, 339; enrolled among Flemings to qualify for knighthood, 339; his encounter with the Fairy Bear, 340, 341; rescues Alftruda, 341; his trick on the Norman knights, 341, 342; leaves Northumbria, 342 takes farewell of Alftruda, 342 takes farewell of Gilbert of Ghent, 343; sails for Cornwall, 343; at court of King Alef, 343; kills the Pictish giant, 343; imprisoned by King Alef, 343; released by King Alef's daughter, 344, 345; sails for Ireland, 346; sails for Cornwall with Prince Sigtryg, 347; obtains admission to Haco's bridal feast, 348; learns Haco's plans, 349; slays Haco and helps to rescue Cornish princess, 350, 351; known as Hereward the Saxon, the Champion of Women, 351

HEROD. Constantine declared more cruel than, 67

HET-WARE, THE. Expedition against, 31, 34

HIGHLANDS. Gaelic, old ballads, heroes in, 248; ballads, merely versions of Irish Gaelic hero-legends, 248; Irish Gaelic hero-legends carried from Erin to, 248

HILDEBURH, QUEEN. Deeds of, chanted in Heorot, 19

HNÆF (năf). Deeds of, chanted in Heorot, 19

HOLY CROSS. Constantine's vision of, 42, 50, 51; his desire to find, 54; Elene's quest after, 54-62; Judas confesses to knowledge of sacred truth of, 57; Judas refuses to reveal

p. 365

place of, at first, but is prevailed upon by starvation, 58, 59; the "Day" of, ordained, 62

HOLY INNOCENTS. Constantine declared more cruel than Herod, who killed the, 67

HOLY LAND. Black Colin receives tidings of fresh crusade in, 250; sets out for, 252 Black Colin's desire to see, 253

HOLY NAILS. Obtained by Elene, 61; given to Constantine, 62

HOLY ROOD. King Arthur vows by, 268; giant forces him to swear by, 270

HOLY SEPULCHRE. Black Colin's desire to see, 253

HOLY TREE. See Holy Cross HOMER. Greeks of, early Britons, and Irish Celts, racial affinity between, 184

HOOD, ROBIN. See Robin Hood

HORN. His story originally a story of Viking raids, 286; son of King Murry and Queen Godhild, 286, 308; Athulf, and next Fikenhild, his favourite companions, 287; captured by Saracens, 288; cast adrift upon the sea, 288, 289; lands on shore of Westernesse, 289; questioned by King of Westernesse, 290; adopted by King Ailmar, 291; Athelbrus trains as a knight, 291, 292; loved by Princess Rymenhild, 292; Athulf personates before Princess Rymenhild, 293; welcomed to Rymenhild's bower, and hears her declaration of love, 294, 295; dubbed knight, 297; his first exploit, 298; spied on by Fikenhild, 299, 300; banished by King Ailmar, 300; sails for Ireland, 301; serves King Thurston under name of Cuthbert, 301; slays the giant emir, 301, 302; King Thurston offers his kingdom and daughter to, 302; receives letter from Rymenhild, 304; reveals his identity to King Thurston and implores his help, 304; returns to Westernesse, accompanied by Irish knights, 304; in disguise, visits Rymenhild's wed-ding feast, 305; his stratagem to test Rymenhild's love, 306, 307; the fictitious death of, 307; reveals his identity to Rymenhild, 307; arranges with Athulf to deliver Rymenhild, 308; weds Rymenhild, 308; reconquers Suddene, 310; finds his mother, 310, 311; crowned King of Suddene, 31I; warned in dream of Rymenhild's danger, 311; his return to Westernesse, 311, 312; slays Fikenhild, 313; dwells at Suddene with Rymenhild, 313

HOWARD THE HALT. Popular Icelandic saga, 96; famous Viking, 97; Biargey, wife of, 97; Olaf, son of, 97; upbraids Olaf, 100; removes from Bath-stead, 103; mourns Olaf's death, 106; claims wergild for Olaf, 106-111; sheltered by Steinthor, 108, 109; urged by Biargey to seek vengeance, 106, 107, 113; seeks help of Val-brand, 114; slays Thorbiorn, 116; sheltered by Steinthor, 117; judgment of Thing against, 118; his nephews exiled, 118

HRETHEL (rethel). Father of Hygelac and grandfather of Beowulf, 6; Beowulf and the king's sons, Herebeald, Hathcyn, and Hygelac, 34; Beowulf recites his death, 35

HRETHRIC (re´th-ric). Son of Hrothgar; succeeds his father, 31

HROTHGAR (roth´gār). Great-grandson of Scyld, 2; builds the hall Heorot, or "The Hart," 3; grief of, over Grendel's fierce ravages, 4; champions offer aid to, 5; Geats conducted to, 8; son of Healfdene, 9; Wealhtheow, wife of, 14; rejoices over Beowulf's victory, 18-29; Aschere, thane of, carried oft by Grendel's mother, 21; grief

p. 366

of, over loss of Aschere, 22; succeeded by his son Hrethric, 31

HAUNTING (milting). Hunferth's sword, lent Beowulf for the purpose of attacking Grendel's mother, 23-25

HUGAS. See Huns, 50

HUGH THE RAVEN. Youngest son of Grim; accompanies Havelok to Denmark, 87

HUMBER. Grim arrives in, 81

HUNFERTH. Hrothgar's orator, jealous of Beowulf, 12; lends Beowulf his sword, Hrunting, 23, 24

HUNS. Form a confederation with the Goths, Franks, and Hugas to overthrow Constantine, 50; Romans conquer by Cross standard, 52

HYGD. Wife of King Hygelac; hails Beowulf's return to Geatland, 29, 30; offers crown to Beowulf, 31

HYGELAC (hē´gĕ-lac). King of Geats, 1; son of King Hrethel, 5, 34; brother-in-law of Ecgtheow, 6; uncle of Beowulf, 6; hails Beowulf's return to Geatland, 29, 30; Beowulf chief champion of, 30; slain in expedition against the Hetware, 31; succeeded by his son, Heardred, 31; brought up with brothers, Herebald and Hathcyn, and Beowulf, 34


ICEFIRTH. Thorbiorn in, 97

ICELAND. Christian faith in, 96, 97

ICELANDIC. 1. Saga, "Howard the Halt," 96. 2. Ghosts, reference to, 96

INNIS EOALAN. The Lady of Loch Awe builds a castle on ruins of White House on, 257

INNOCENTS, HOLY. Constantine declared more cruel than Herod, who killed the, 67

IRELAND. Characteristics common to people of, 156; known in olden Europe as "Isle of Saints," 157; Gospel preached to people of, 157; High King of, convinced of truth of Trinity, 157; strife in, 158; famine in, 159-183; famine tempts people to revolt from the True Faith, 167; demons arrive in, 168; Cuchulain without fear among the champions of, 185; Horn at, 301-304; Horn touches at, on way to Suddene, 313; Sigtryg, son of a Danish king, in, 343; Hereward sails for, 346

IRISH. Relation of literature, to Greek literature, 184; Celts, early Britons, and Greeks of Homer, one stock, 184; heroes, and legends concerning, 248

ISLE OF SAINTS. See Ireland, 157

ITALY. Claims Roland in guise of Orlando, Orlando Furioso, Orlando Innamorato, 121


JERUSALEM. The place where Christ suffered, 54; Elene's quest in, to find the sacred Cross, 54-62; Constantine and Elene build a glorious church in, 61; Cyriacus (Judas) Bishop of, 61 messenger to Black Colin familiar with all holy places in, 250; Black Colin as a pilgrim at, 253

JESUS CHRIST. The Cross the sign of, 53; the Resurrection and Ascension of, preached to Constantine, 53

JEWS. Elene's quest to land of, to find sacred Cross, 55-58 the Chosen People, 56; summoned, but dismissed in peace, by Elene, 58

JOHN. 1. Son of Sir John of the Marshes, 205; Gamelyn left in charge of, 206; Gamelyn resists, 207, 208; his great feast, 216; put in chains by Gamelyn, 217; proclaims Gamelyn

p. 367

a wolf's-head, 220; his death by hanging, 224. 2. Little. See Little John

JOSEPH and his brethren, "Gamelyn" a version of story of, 204

JUDÆA. See Jerusalem

JUDAS. Grandson of Zacchæus; confesses to knowledge of secret truth of Holy Tree, 57; refuses at first to disclose the secret place of the holy Cross, but is prevailed upon by starvation, 58, 59; baptismal name Cyriacus, 61; Ganelon compared with, 131


JULIUS CÆSAR and early Britons, 184


KAY, SIR. Steward of King Arthur's household, 266; jeers at loathly lady, 277

KENT. Earldom of, held by Godwin, 335

KERRY. Champions drive to, 196

KILCHURN CASTLE. New castle built with rents of Glenurchy, 264

KNIGHT OF COURTESY. The true, is Sir Gawayne, King Arthur's nephew, 265

KNIGHT OF LOCH AWE. Equivalent, Black Colin Campbell, 249

KYNON. Son of Eudav, grandson of Caradoc, 49


LADY OF GLENURCHY. Grief of, 251; the gold ring token, 252; wooed by Baron MacCorquodale, 254-257; receives forged letter, 255; her stratagem to delay her marriage, 256; builds a castle on ruins of White House on Innis Eoalan, 256, 257; recognises and welcomes her husband, 262

LADY OF LOCH Awe. Same as Lady of Glenurchy, 251

LAE-GAI´RE. Bricriu urged to claim title of, 187; Fedelm, wife of, 189; awarded Champion's Portion by Queen Meave, 195; claim tested by Curoi, 196-203; disgraced by Uath, 201

LANCELOT, SIR. A Knight of the Round Table, 266

LEA, SIR RICHARD OF THE. Stranger guest of Robin Hood's, 323

LEITH. Black Colin takes ship at, for Holy Land, 253

LENDABAIR. Conall's wife, 189

LEOFRIC. Earl of Mercia, 335 Lady Godiva, wife of, 335. Hereward, second son of, 336; Hall of Bourne, home of, 336; his wrath kindled against Hereward, 337; asks for writ of outlawry against Hereward, 338; Hereward bids farewell to, 339


LEVE (lāvĕ). Wife of Grim the fisherman, 78

LIGHTFOOT, MARTIN. Hereward's follower who accompanied him into exile, 339; assists Hereward in his trick on Norman knights, 341, 342; cast into prison by King Alef, 343; released by King Alef's daughter, 344, 345

LINCOLN. Grim carries fish to, 81; Havelok goes to, 82 Havelok becomes porter, 82 Havelok's fame in, 83; God-rich summons his army to, against Havelok, 93; Godrich's trial and death at, 94

LITTLE JOHN. One of Robin Hood's followers, 315; searches the stranger knight's coffer, 319; counts out four hundred pounds to stranger guest, 322, 323; acts as squire to Sir Richard of the Lea, 323-327

LOATHLY LADY, THE, and King Arthur, 271-274; demands of King Arthur a young and hand-some knight for husband, as

p. 368

price of her help, 274; Sir Gawayne offers to wed, 275; Sir Kay jeers at, 277; her betrothal to Sir Gawayne, 279; her marriage with Sir Gawayne, 280; set free from magic spells, 281-285

LOCH AWE. See Awe, Loch

LONDON. Visit to, of William of Cloudeslee and fellow outlaws, 241

LOUIS. Charlemagne's son, Count of the Marshes, promised to Aude the Fair, 155

LUGH OF THE LONG HAND. Great god, reputed father of Cuchulain, 185


MABINOGION. A series of Welsh legends; glorifies marriage of British princess Helena and Constantine, 42

MACCORQUODALE, BARON. Wooes the Lady of Loch Awe, 254-257; his stratagem of a forged letter, 255; hears of Black Colin's return, 263

MACGREGORS. Expelled from Glenurchy, 249

MAHOMET. Saracens declare determination to win land of Suddene according to law of, 287 faith of, thrown off by Saracens for the true faith, 310

MAIRI. Old widow in whose house the demon traders lived, 173

MARSILE. King of Moors; defies Charlemagne, 122; idols of, 122; Blancandrin's advice to, 123; sends an embassage to Charlemagne, 124; offers to become a Christian, 124-126; Ganelon sent to, with Charlemagne's terms, 130; Ganelon's reception by, 131, 132; takes counsel with leaders, 132; swears on the book of Law of Mahomet the treacherous death of Roland, 134; pursues the Frankish army, 137; Roland

p. 369

slays only son of, 147; mortally wounded, he returns to Saragossa, 147; his death, 154

MARTIN. See Lightfoot

MASSES. Of the Father, of the Holy Spirit, of Our Lady, heard daily by Robin Hood, 315

MAXEN WLEDIG. "The Dream of," preserved in the "Mabinogion," 42-49; Emperor of Rome, 43; expedition down the Tiber, 43; his vision near Rome, 43; his vision declared, 44-47; ambassadors sent out to find the maiden of his dream, 47, 48; journeys himself to land of Arvon, 48, 49; conquers Britain from Beli, son of Manogan, 48; weds Helena, daughter of Eudav, 49; Constantine, son of, the only British-born Emperor of Rome, 49

MAXENTIUS. Emperor; hero of Welsh saga "Mabinogion," 42

MAXIMIAN. The Emperor; father of Fausta, who became Constantine's wife, 64

MEAD. Dwelling-place of Guest the Wise, 103

MEAVE. Queen of Connaught, wife of King Ailill; to decide claims to title of Chief Champion, 189; pronounces judgment, 195

MERCIA. Earldom of, held by Leofric, 335

MODI. King of Reynes; wooes Rymenhild, 303; slain by Horn, 308; land of, committed to care of Sir Athelbrus, 313

MONA. Sacred isle of; same as Anglesey; ambassadors of Maxen Wledig view, 47

"MONTJOIE! MONTJOIE!" Battle-cry of Franks, under Roland, 140, 142, 148

MOORS. Rulers of, and Charlemagne, 119; and Franks meet in battle, 140

MORDRED, SIR. One of King Arthur's nephews, 266

MOST HIGH. Grendel outcast from mercy of, 4

p. 369

MUCH. One of Robin Hood's followers, 315; assists to count out gold for stranger guest, 323

MURRY. King of Suddene, 286; Queen Godhild consort of, 286; Horn, son of, 286; attacked and slain by Saracens, 287, 288


NAESI. Irish hero, 156

NAILS, THE HOLY. Obtained by Elene, 61; given to Constantine, 62

NAIMES, DUKE. One of Charlemagne's Twelve Peers, 126, 136, 137; urges Charlemagne to hasten to rescue of Roland, 146

NORMAN ENGLAND. Royal authority in, how asserted, 314

NORMANS. Or Flemings; Hereward enrolled among, to qualify for knighthood, 339; Hereward's trick on, with Fairy Bear, 341, 342

NORSE influence in connection with story of "King Horn," 286

NORSEMEN. Firm hold of blood-feud on imagination of, 96

NORTH COUNTRY. Equivalent, Ulster, 165

NORTH SEA. Forefathers who dwelt on shores of 1; ambassadors of Maxen Wledig reach, 47

NORTHUMBRIA. Inheritance of Anlaf, 73; writ of outlawry against Hereward only of nominal weight in, 339; Earl Siward ruler in, 339; Hereward leaves, 342

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. The Sheriff of, and Robin Hood, 315


ODIN. The raven, the bird of, 15

OISIN. Scotch embodiment of Ossian, 248

OLAF. 1. Same as Anlaf, &c., 73. 2. Son of famous Viking, Howard the Halt, 97; finds Thorbiorn's lost sheep, 98-100; kills a wizard, 101; second fight with the wizard's ghost, 102; wooes Sigrid, 99, 103 meets Thorbiorn, 103-106; his death, 106; Howard claims wergild for, 106-111; wergild awarded for, 118

OLIFANT. Roland's horn, 138; blown by Roland, 145, 146; Roland's dying blast on, 149

OLIVER. One of Charlemagne's Twelve Peers, 125, 136; descries the Saracens and proclaims Ganelon's treason, 138; appeals to Roland to blow his horn, 138; Hauteclaire, sword of, 141; objects to Roland blowing his horn, 144; mortally wounded by Marsile's uncle, 148; under misapprehension, strikes Roland with Hauteclaire, 148; his death, 148, 149; avenged by Charlemagne, 153, 154

OONA. Cathleen's foster-mother, 178; her vision, 182

ORCHY. River, running through Glenurchy, 249

ORESTES. Reference to Electra and, 95

ORLANDO, ETC. Italy claims Roland in guise of, 121

OSSIAN. Hero in Gaelic Highland poems, 248; Scotch embodiment of Oisin, 248

OTHO. Son of Sir John of the Marshes, 205; becomes surety for Gamelyn, 221; arrested owing to failure of Gamelyn to appear at court, 223; released by Gamelyn, 223; sits on judge's seat with Gamelyn and condemns Sir John, 224; appointed sheriff by King Edward I., 224; makes Gamelyn his heir, 224

OUR LADY. Robin Hood accepts her surety for four hundred pounds lent to stranger guest, 322; the Black Monk and the suretyship, 331-333

OUTLAWS. Famous: Hereward, Robin Hood, William of Cloudeslee,

p. 370

[paragraph continues] 226; pardoned by king, 243; rules of, in case of Robin Hood, 316; their feast, 317, 318, 330


PAMPELUNA. Taken by Charlemagne, 110

PARADISE. Cathleen's soul in, 182

PATTERSON. Name of foster-parents of Black Colin, 250

PEERS. Of France, 125, 136; the champions of the Moors challenge the Twelve, of France, 137; of Charlemagne, triumph over Marsile's twelve champions, 141; their death, 143-153; avenged by Charlemagne, 153, 154

PENELOPE. Lady of Loch Awe turns to guile, as did, 256

PEOPLE OF THE HILLS. Cuchulain's friends among, 198, 199

PERSIA. Constantine's valour in wars in, 64; physicians from, with remedies for Constantine's leprosy, 65

PETER AND PAUL. The Apostles; appear in a vision to Constantine, 70, 71

PICTISH GIANT. King Alef's daughter betrothed to, 343; slain by Hereward, 343

PLANTAGENETS. England under, 314

POPE. Head of Holy Catholic Church, 119; proclaims Holy War at Rome, 251; sees Black Colin, 253; regarded by Black Colin as Vicar of Christ on earth, 253

PRIAM. Reference to lament of, 95

PYRENEES. Charlemagne's march through passes of, 119; Frankish army marches toward, 134


RANALD. King of Waterford, 345, 346; Prince Sigtryg, son of, 345; Hereward at feast of, 346, 347


RED BRANCH. Heroes of, invited to feast by Bricriu, 186; heroes return to, 199; Uath, the Stranger, comes to, 199; heroes of, and Uath, the Stranger, 109-203; champions of, identical with Highland Gaelic heroes, 248

REYNES. Modi, King of, 303; wooes Rymenhild, 303, 304

REYNILD. Daughter of King Thurston; offered to Horn, 302; weds Sir Athulf, 313

RHINE. Black Colin's journey up, 253

RHODES. Black Colin journeys to, 253; supposed news from, by man of Black Colin's band, 255

RICHARD, SIR, OF THE LEA, Robin Hood's stranger-guest, 317-324; Robin Flood's loan to, 322-324; his land in Uterysdale, 323 redeems his land from Abbot of St. Mary's, 324-327; sets out to repay loan, 328; defends the right at a wrestling contest, 328; arrives before Robin Hood to repay loan, but is exempt, 333 returns to Uterysdale, 333; his power used to protect the outlaws, 333

ROBERT THE RED. Eldest son of Grim accompanies Havelok to Denmark, 87

ROBIN HOOD. Romantic sympathy with, 225; one of the famous outlaws, 226; the original, 314; forest of Barnesdale at one time his dwelling-place, 314, 315; Sherwood Forest, headquarters of, 315; Little John, Will Scarlet, and Much, his three most loyal followers, 315; three, Masses heard by, 315; sends his followers to Watling Street, 316; his outlaw rules, 316; stranger guest brought td, 317; lends stranger guest

p. 371

four hundred pounds, 322; sends his followers again to Watling Street, 329; his followers capture and bring to greenwood, as guest, the Black Monk, 330; appropriates gold of the Black Monk as payment of loan to Sir Richard of the Lea, 331, 332; exempts Sir Richard from repayment of four hundred pounds, 333; dwells securely in the greenwood under Sir Richard's protection, 333

ROLAND. Charlemagne's nephew; fame of, in romance, 119; historical basis of legend of, 120 in Spanish legend, 121; "Saga" in French literature, 121; "Chanson de Roland" and, 121; one of the Twelve Peers, 125; destruction plotted by Blancandrin and Ganelon, 131, 134; plants his banner on top-most summit of Pyrenees, 131 appointed to command rear-guard, 135; appealed to by Oliver to blow his horn, 138 his army defeats Saracens, 141 defeats second Saracen army, 143; attacked by third Saracen army, 144; willing to blow horn, but Oliver objects, 144; blows Olifant, 145, 146; Charlemagne hastens to rescue of, but arrives too late, 146; slays only son of Marsile, 147 smitten by Oliver in mistake, 148; set upon by four hundred Saracens, 150; realising death near, he tries to destroy sword Durendala, 152; his death, 153; avenged by Charlemagne, 153, 154

ROMAN EMPIRE. Charlemagne head of, 119

ROMANS. Conquer Huns by the Cross standard, 52

ROME. Church of, Constantine's generosity to, 42; Maxen Wledig seeks rest near, 43, 46; Princess Helena hailed Empress of, 48, 49; Constantine calls a council of all wisest men in, 53; Black Colin's messenger just home from, 251; Holy War proclaimed by Pope at, 251; Black Colin reaches, 253; Black Colin's supposed letter from, 255

RONCESVALLES. Roland's glory from, 119; celebrated in "Song of Altobiscar," 120; Spain claims part of honour of, 120; the battle of, 140-153

RONCEVAUX. Same as Roncesvalles, 122

ROUND TABLE. Knights of, 266

RYMENHILD. Princess, daughter of King Ailmar; loves Horn, 292; Athulf personates Horn before, 293; welcomes Horn in her bower and declares her love, 294; wishes Horn good success as knight, 298; gives token to Horn, 298; spied on by Fikenhild, 299, 300; wooed by King Modi, 303; writes to Horn through Athulf, 303; Horn at wedding-feast of, 305; Horn's stratagem to test her love, 306, 307; her knight and lover, Horn, restored, 307; wedded to Horn, 308; left to her father's care, 309; demanded in marriage by traitor, Fikenhild, 311; delivered by Horn, 313; dwells at Suddene as queen, 313


SAMSON. Peer of Charlemagne; mortally wounded, 143

SARACEN-S. Host, encamps near Franks, 134; pursue the Frankish army, 137; chiefs vow to slay Roland, 137; defeat of, by Roland's army, 141; second army attacks Roland, 142; defeated once more, 143; third army attacks Roland, 144; their rule in the Holy Land, 251; Horn's hatred of, typical of romance of Crusades, 286; attack and slay King Murry,

p. 372

[paragraph continues] 287, 288; Horn's victory over, 298; Suddene purged of, by Horn, 310

SARAGOSSA. Charlemagne repulsed at, 119; decided to send Ganelon to, as ambassador, 128; Charlemagne's threat to take, 132; Charlemagne receives through Ganelon the keys of, 134; captured by Charlemagne, 154

"SARN HELEN." Roman roads in Wales connecting Helena's three castles known as, 49

SAXON ENGLAND. The maintenance of justice in, 314

SAXON-S. Hereward the, 334; the darling hero of the, 334; Anglo-, chivalry, Hereward the ideal of, 334, 335; Hereward the, known as the Champion of Women, 351

SCARLET, WILL. Cousin to and one of Robin Hood's followers, 315

SCOTLAND. Hero-myths of, 248; national heroes of Lowland, actual, not mythical, 248; war between England and, 249

SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE. Sir Nigel Campbell one of leaders in cause of, 249

SCYLD SCEFING (skild ske´f-ing). Founder of Scyldings dynasty, 2; coming to and passing from Denmark, 2; Hrothgar, great-grandson of, 2

SEVEN HILLS. Rome, the City of, 43; Maxen Wledig, emperor, rules Europe from, 43

SHERWOOD, FOREST OF. Headquarters of Robin Hood, 315

SIEGFRIED. Gudrun and, in "Nibelungenlied," 95

SIGMUND. Father of Fitela; glory of, chanted by Danish bard, 18

SIGRID. Thorbiorn's house-keeper, 97; loved by Olaf, 99; quits Thorbiorn's service, 103; disappearance of, 106

SIGT-RYG RANALDSSON. Prince of Waterford; his troth-plight with King Alef's daughter, 343; son of King Ranald, 345; Hereward's mission to, 345-347; sails for Cornwall to rescue his love, 347; sends forty Danes to demand fulfilment of troth-plight, 348; Sigtryg and Danes plan ambush for Haco, 350; rescues, and marries, Cornish princess, 350, 351

SI´HT-RIC-SON. Same as Anlaf, Abloec, &c., 73

SIR JOHN OF THE MARSHES. Noble gentleman who lived in Lincolnshire, in reign of Edward I., 204, 205; father of John, Otho, and Gamelyn, 205; his death, 206

SI-WARD, EARL. Ruler in Northumbria, 339; reputed kinship to Fairy Bear, 340, 342

SNOWDON. Mountainous land of, reached by ambassadors of Maxen Wledig, 47

SOCACH. Black Colin's foster-parents' dwelling-place, 250

SOULS. The traffic in, during Irish famine, 170-183; Cathleen tries to check traffic in, 174

SPAIN. Charlemagne's expedition into, 119; begins to quit, 134; returns to, to rescue Roland, 146

SPANISH LEGEND. Bernardo del Carpio and Roland in, 121

SPENCER. 1. Adam, steward in household of Sir John, releases Gamelyn, 214, 215. 2. Edmund, reference to his Red Cross Knight, 265

STEINTHOR OF ERE. Great chieftain who shelters Howard, rob, 109, 117; speaks on Howard's behalf at the Thing, 118

ST. JOHN, KNIGHTS OF. Black Colin takes service with, 253 Grand Master of, 253

ST. MARY. Abbey of, in York, lands of stranger knight in pledge to Abbot of, 321; land redeemed by Sir Richard of the Lea, 324-327; the Black Monk high cellarer in Abbey of, 331

p. 373

ST. PATRICK. Preached Gospel to people of Ireland, 157

SUDDENE. King Murry and Queen Godhild, and son Horn, the royal family of, 286; Horn sails for, to wrest from Saracens, 309; Athulf's father found at, 309, 310; Horn reconquers, 310; a Christian realm once more, 311; Horn crowned king of, 311

SWANBOROW. Daughter of King Birkabeyn, 74; slain by Godard 76

SWEDEN. Götaland, realm of Geats in south of, 5

SWEDES. Slay Hathcyn, son of King Hrethel, 35

SWITZERLAND. Black Colin and Highland clansmen pass through, 253

SYLVESTER. Bishop of Rome; and Constantine, 42; Constantine told in a vision to send for, 70; preaches the Christian faith to Constantine, 71


TAILLEFER. "Song of Roland" and, 122

TARA. Black stone of, 157

TARN WATHELAN. Giant in castle near, ill-treats maiden, 267; King Arthur's journey to, and fight with giant who lived in Castle of, 269, 270; King Arthur summons court to hunt near, 276; the churlish knight of, set free from magic spells, 284

TEUTONIC NORTH. Beowulf famous throughout, 5

THERSITES. Compared with Bricriu of the Bitter Tongue, 186

THING. Howard at the, 107, 108, 117, 118

THOR-BIORN. Mighty chief on shores of Icefirth, 97; Vakr, nephew of, 97; Olaf and sheep of, 98-100; whale unjustly adjudged to, 102; marries sister of Guest, 103; Sigrid leaves, 103;  meets Olaf, 103-106; War flame, magic sword of, 104-106 thrusts Olaf with Warflame 106; Howard claims wergild from, 106-111; Guest's judgment against, 110, 111; hailed by Biargey while out fishing, 112; slain by Howard, 116

THOR-BRAND. Brother of Biargey, 113; helps Howard against Thorbiorn, 115

THOR-DIS. Mother of Vakr; sends second son to assist in fight against Olaf, 105

THOR-KEL. Lawman and arbitrator of Icefirth, 97; his false decree concerning a whale, 102

THOR-OLD. Same as Turoldus; author of "Song of Roland," 122

THURSTON. King of Ireland; served by Horn, 301; Harold and Berild, sons of, 302; offers kingdom and his daughter Reynild to Horn, 302; Horn discloses his identity to, 304

TIBER. Hunting expedition down, by Maxen Wledig, 43

TIR-NAN-OG. The land of never-dying youth, 163

TREE, THE HOLY. See Holy Cross

TRINITY. Truth of, demonstrated by shamrock-leaf, 157

TROJAN WAR. An ancient story, yet well known, 58

TUCK, FRIAR. Masses sung by, for Robin Hood, 318

TURPIN. Archbishop of Charlemagne, one of Twelve Peers, 125, 136; blesses the knights, 139, 140; mediates between Roland and Oliver, 14 5; mortally wounded, 149; his death, 150, 151


UATH, THE STRANGER. Giant who tests champions, 199-203; adjudges Cuchulain Champion of Heroes of all Ireland, 203

UBBE (ub-bĕ). Danish jarl, friend of King Birkabeyn; befriends

p. 374

[paragraph continues] Havelok and Goldborough, 87-93; appointed Regent of Denmark for Havelok, 94

ULSTER. Fergus commanded to buy food at, 165; Conor, King of, 185; Cuchulain peer among champions of, 185; Armagh, capital of, 186; Red Branch heroes, royal bodyguard of, 186; Bricriu stirs up strife among champions of, 187, 188

UNKNOWN GOD. Constantine's acceptance and reverence of the, 51; the people awed by token of, 53

UTERYSDALE. Land of Sir Richard of the Lea in, 323; Sir Richard redeems the land, 324-327; Sir Richard returns to, 333


VAKR. Thorbiorn's nephew, 97; mocks Olaf, 100; jeers at Brand the Strong, 102, 103; accompanies Thorbiorn to meet Olaf, 103-106; Thordis, mother of, Los; his miserable end, 116

VALBRAND. Brother of Biargey, 112, 113; visited by Howard, 114

VALTIERRA. Charlemagne retires to, on way to France, 134

VEILLANTIF. Roland's steed, 136; slain by Saracens, 150

VICAR OF CHRIST on earth, Black Colin regards Pope as, 253

VIKINGS. Gospel preached to, 157

VIRGIN MARY. Cult of, 121; Cathleen invokes, 163; Cathleen's people invoke, 181


WALES. Old Roman roads in, that connected Helena's three castles still known as "Sarn Helen," 49; legend of Havelok the Dane thought to have originated in, 73; mediæval, Arthurian legend preserved by, 265

WALLACE, SIR WILLIAM. Scottish hero, 248; schoolfellow and comrade of Sir Nigel Campbell, 249

WARDEN. Of the coast of Denmark, welcomes Beowulf, 6; conducts Geats to Heorot, 8; Wulfgar, one of Hrothgar's nobles, greets Beowulf, 9; of Geatland, welcomes Beowulf's return, 29

WARFLAME. Magic sword, owned by Thorbiorn, and by which he himself is slain by Howard, 115, 116

WASHERS OF THE FORD. Wrath of, and Irish people, 158

WATERFORD. Prince Sigtryg of, his troth-plight with daughter of King Alef, 343; Ranald, King of, 345; Hereward reaches, 346; Prince and Princess of, Hereward the best friend of, 351

WATLING STREET. Robin Hood sends his followers to, 316; a year later sends followers once more to, 329

WEALHTHEOW (wal-thyow), QUEEN. Wife of Hrothgar; honours Beowulf, 14, 20

WELSH. 1. Legends, "Mabinogion" and "The Dream of Maxen Wledig," 42; Celtic features in, 185. 2. Saga, hero of, Emperor Maxentius, 42

WEOHSTAN (wyo-stan). Father of Wiglaf, who supported Beowulf in his fight with the fire-dragon, 36

WEST. Constantine a favourite of Roman soldiery of the, 63; Roman soldiery of the, proclaim Constantine emperor, 63; the fictitious wanderings of Horn in realms of, 307

WESTERN ISLES. Irish Gaelic hero-legends carried to, from Erin, 248

WESTERNESSE. Chide Horn lands on shore of, 289; Ailmar, King of, questions Horn, 290; Horn returns to, accompanied by Irish knights, 304; recital of the fictitious plans of Horn

p. 375

to reach, within seven years, 307

WHITEY. Hereward lands at, 339

WIG-LAF. Son of Weohstan; supports Beowulf in his fight with the fire-dragon, 36-41

WILF-INGS. Hrothgar shields Ecgtheow from, 11

WILLIAM OF CLOUDESLEE. One of the famous outlaws of England, 226

WWILLIAM TELL. William of Cloudeslee the, of England, 226; Alice, wife of, 227; goes to Carlisle, 227; sheriff informed of his presence, 229; attacked by sheriff and his men, 231; capture of, 332; sheriff sentences to be hanged, 232; news of his sentence conveyed to the greenwood, 233; Clym's stratagem to save, 234; rescued from death, 237, 238; visits London to see king, 241; the king pardons, 243; shoots apple from son's head, 245, 246; receives royal favours from king and queen, 246

WILLIAM WENDUT. Second son of Grim; accompanies Havelok to Denmark, 87

WINCHESTER. Godrich takes Goldborough from, to Dover, 81

WLEDIG. See Maxen Wledig

WOMEN, CHAMPION OF. Hereward known as, 351

WYRD (weird). Goddess of Fate, 13, 34


YORK. Archbishop of, unites in marriage Havelok and Gold-borough, 85; Abbot of St. Mary's Abbey, in, 321

YORKSHIRE. Barnesdale, forest in, once dwelling-place of Robin Hood, 314, 315

YULETIDE. King Arthur's knights keep, 267


ZACCHÆUS. Grandfather of Judas, 57