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English Fairy and Other Folk Tales

by Edwin Sidney Hartland


Title Page

Nursery Tales

Jack the Giant Killer
The Princess of Canterbury
The Princess of Colchester
Mr Fox
Tom Tit Tot
Jack and the Bean-stalk

Historical and Local

The Story of Sain Kenelm
Wild Edric
Lady Godiva
The Legend of the Sons of the Conqueror
The Lgend of Becket's Parents
The Fause Fable of the Lord Lathom
Whittington and his Cat
The Pedlar of Swaffham
The Lampton Worm
Bomere Pool


The Origin of the Wrekin
The Blinded Giant


Worcestershire Fairies
The Fairy Midwife
The Adventure of Cherry of Zennor
The Fairy Funeral
The Piskies in the Cellar
Edwin and Sir Topaz
The Two Serving Damsels
The Tulip Bed
The Fisherman and the Piskies
A Fairy Caught
Colman Grey
The King of the Cats
A Myth of Midridge
The Green Children
The Fairy Banquet
The Fairy Horn
The Fairy Fair
The Fairies' Caldron
The Cauld Lad of Hilton
The Fairy Thieves
The Boggart
Legend of the Rollright Stones


Dando and His Dogs
The Demon Tregeagle
The Pason and Clerk
Outwitting the Bogie
The Hunted Hare
The Well of St. Ludgvan
The Hedley Kow


The Lord of Pengerswick
The Witch and the Toad
Witch and Hare
The Hand of Glory
Betty Chidley The Witch
The Bag of Flour
Kentsham Bell


A Bishop's Ghost
A Clergyman's Ghost
The Haunted House
Ghost-Laying Stories
The Roaring Bull of Bagbury
The White Lady of Blenkinsopp
The Haunted Widower
The Ghost of Rosewarne
The Lady with the Lantern
Billy B----'s Adventure


The Wise Fools of Gotham
The Three Wishes
The Miller at the Professor's Examination
Stupid's Mistaken Cries
The Three Sillies
Mr Vinegar
Lazy Jack
The History of Tom Thumb