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197A: James Grant

 197A.1	 ‘AWAY with you, away with you, James de Grant!
 	 And, Douglas, ye’ll be slain;
 	 For Baddindalloch’s at your gates,
 	 With many brave Highland men.’
 197A.2	 ‘Baddindalloch has no feud at me,
 	 And I have none at him;
 	 Cast up my gates baith broad and wide,
 	 Let Baddindalloch in.’
 197A.3	 ‘James de Grant has made a vaunt,
 	 And leaped the castle-wa;
 	 But, if he comes this way again,
 	 He’ll no win sae well awa.
 197A.4	 ‘Take him, take him, brave Gordons,
 	 O take him, fine fellows a’!
 	 If he wins but ae mile to the Highland hills,
 	 He’ll defy you Gordons a’.’

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