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172A: Musselburgh Field

 172A.1	 ON the tenth day of December,
 	 And the fourth yeere of King Edwards raigne,
 	 Att Musleboorrowe, as I remember,
 	 Two goodly hosts there mett on a plaine.
 172A.2	 All that night they camped there,
 	 Soe did the Scotts, both stout and stubborne;
 	 But "[wellaway,"] it was their song,
 	 For wee haue taken them in their owne turne.
 172A.3	 Over night they carded for our English mens coates;
 	 They fished before their netts were spunn;
 	 A white for sixpence, a red for two groates;
 	 Now wisdome wold haue stayed till they had been woone.
 172A.4	 Wee feared not but that they wold fight,
 	 Yett itt was turned vnto their owne paine;
 	 Thoe against one of vs that they were eight,
 	 Yett with their owne weapons wee did them beat.
 172A.5	 On the twelfth day in the morne
 	 The made a face as the wold fight,
 	 But many a proud Scott there was downe borne,
 	 And many a ranke coward was put to flight.
 172A.6	 But when they heard our great gunnes cracke,
 	 Then was their harts turned into their hose;
 	 They cast down their weapons, and turned their backes,
 	 They ran soe fast  that the fell on their nose.
 172A.7	 The Lord Huntley, wee had him there;
 	 With him hee brought ten thousand men,
 	 Yett, God bee thanked, wee made them such a banquett
 	 That none of them returned againe.
 172A.8	 Wee chased them to D[alkeith]
 	 * * * * *

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