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115A: Robyn and Gandeleyn

 115A.1	 I HERDE a carpyng of a clerk,
 	 Al at y+oone wodes ende,
 	 Of gode Robyn and Gandeleyn;
 	 Was ther non other thynge.
 	 Robynn lyth in grene wode bowndyn
 115A.2	 Stronge theuys wern tho chylderin non,
 	 But bowmen gode and hende;
 	 He wentyn to wode to getyn hem fleych,
 	 If God wold it hem sende.
 115A.3	 Al day wentyn tho chylderin too,
 	 And fleych fowndyn he non,
 	 Til it were a-geyn euyn;
 	 THe chylderin wold gon hom.
 115A.4	 Half an honderid of fat falyf der
 	 He comyn a-y+oon,
 	 And alle he wern fayr and fat i-now,
 	 But markyd was ther non:
 	 ‘Be dere God,’ seyde gode Robyn,
 	 ‘Here of we xul haue on.’
 115A.5	 Robyn bent his joly bowe,
 RRther	in he set a flo;
 	 THe fattest der of alle
 	 THe herte he clef a to.
 115A.6	 He hadde not the der i-flawe,
 	 Ne half out of the hyde,
 	 There cam a schrewde arwe out of the west,
 RRthat	felde Robertes pryde.
 115A.7	 Gandeleyn lokyd hym est and west,
 	 Be euery syde:
 	 ‘Hoo hat myn mayster slayin?
 	 Ho hat don this dede?
 	 Xal I neuer out of grene wode go
 	 Til I se [his] sydis blede.’
 115A.8	 Gandeleyn lokyd hym est and lokyd west,
 	 And sowt vnder the sunne;
 	 He saw a lytil boy
 	 He clepyn Wrennok of Donne.
 115A.9	 A good bowe in his hond,
 	 A brod arwe ther ine,
 	 And fowre and twenti goode arwys,
 	 Trusyd in a thrumme:
 	 ‘Be war the, war the, Gandeleyn,
 	 Her-of thu xalt han summe.
 115A.10	 ‘Be war the, war the, Gandeleyn,
 	 Her of thu gyst plente:’
 	 ‘Euer on for an other,’ seyde Gandeleyn;
 	 ‘Mysaunter haue he xal fle.
 115A.11	 ‘Qwer-at xal our marke be?’
 	 Seyde Gandeleyn:
 	 ‘Eueryche at  otheris herte,’
 	 Seyde Wrennok ageyn.
 115A.12	 Ho xal y+oeue the ferste schote?’
 	 Seyde Gandeleyn:
 	 ‘And I xul y+oeue the on be-forn,’
 	 Seyde Wrennok ageyn.
 115A.13	 Wrennok schette a ful good schote,
 	 And he schet not to hye;
 	 THrow the sanchothis of his bryk;
 	 It towchyd neyther thye.
 115A.14	 ‘Now hast thu y+oouyn me on be-forn,’
 	 Al thus to Wrennok seyde he,
 	 ‘And throw the myy+ot of our lady
 	 A bettere I xal y+oeue the.’
 115A.15	 Gandeleyn bent his goode bowe,
 	 And set ther in a flo;
 	 He schet throw his grene certyl,
 	 His herte he clef on too.
 115A.16	 ‘Now xalt thu neuer y+oelpe, Wrennok,
 	 At ale ne at wyn,
 RRthat	thu hast slawe goode Robyn,
 	 And his knaue Gandeleyn.
 115A.17	 ‘Now xalt thu neuer y+oelpe, Wrennok,
 	 At wyn ne at ale,
 RRthat	thu hast slawe goode Robyn,
 	 And Gandeleyn his knaue.’
 	 Robyn lyy+oth in grene wode bowndyn

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