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Fairy Ring

Tales of the Fairies and of the Ghost World

by Jeremiah Curtin


Title Page
John Connors and the Fairies
Fitzgerald and Daniel O'Donohue
The Fairies of Rahonain and Elizabeth Shea
The Knights of Kerry - Rahonain Castle
The Cattle Jobber of Awnascawil
The Midwife of Listowel
Daniel Crowley and the Ghosts
Tom Daly and the Nut-Eating Ghost
Tom Connors and the Dead Girl
The Farmer of Tralee and the Fairy Cows
The Two Gamblers and the Fairies
The Girl and the Robber
Maurice Griffin and the Fairy Doctor
The Three Sisters and Their Husbands, Three Brothers
John Shea and the Treasure
St. Martin's Eve
James Murray and Saint Martin
Fairy Cows
John Reardon and the Sister Ghosts
Maggie Doyle and the Dead Man
Pat Doyle and the Ghost
The Ghost of Sneem
The Dead Mother
Tim Sheehy Sent Back to This World to Prove His Innocence
Tom Moore and the Seal Woman
The Four-Leafed Shamrock
John Cokeley and the Fairy
Tom Foley's Ghost
The Blood-Drawing Ghost
Murderous Ghosts