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The Druid Path

by Marah Ellis Ryan


This is a collection of short stories set in ancient and modern Ireland, by a now-forgotten popular author of the early twentieth century, Marah Ellis Ryan. Ryan was a novelist, actress and activist for Native American rights. This was her only book about Ireland, as far as I can tell. She tapped a huge body of tales, lore and song which was being rediscovered at the time by the 'Celtic Twilight' movement. Her social consciousness is in evidence here, particularly in the latter part of the book which is set in modern (i.e. 1917) Ireland.

Ryan's books are now out of print, although easy to obtain used. Her sentimental prose, which appealed to contemporary audiences, is now out of style in our cynical age. However, I'm sure that some will find much to enjoy in this book.

PRODUCTION NOTES: This unusual book was printed entirely in green ink, and the decorative borders, initials, and endpieces, which were inspired by the Book of Kells, seem to leap off the page, in spite of the fact that they are actually monochrome. For this reason I've preserved the original color of the graphics and the ambient paper texture.

John Bruno Hare, 1/24/2005

Title Page
The Druid Path
The Enchanting of Doirenn
Liadan and Kurithir
Dervail Nan Ciar
Randuff of Cumanac
The Dark Rose