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8. THEIR Weapons are moƒt what ƒolid earthly Bodies, nothing of Iron, but much of Stone, like to yellow ƒoft Flint Spa, ƒhaped like a barbed Arrow-head, but flung like a Dairt, with great Force. Theƒe Armes (cut by Airt and Tools it ƒeems beyond humane) have ƒomething of the Nature of Thunderbolt ƒubtilty, and mortally wounding the vital Parts without breaking the Skin; of which Wounds I have obƒerved in


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[paragraph continues] Beaƒts, and felt them with my Hands. They are not as infallible Benjamites, hitting at a Hair's-breadth; nor are they wholly unvanquiƒhable, at leaƒt in Appearance.

THE MEN of that SECOND SIGHT do not diƒcover ƒtrange Things when aƒked, but at Fits and Raptures, as if inƒpyred with ƒome Genius at that Inƒtant, which before did lurk in or about them. Thus I have frequently ƒpoke to one of them, who in his Tranƒport told he cut the Bodie of one of thoƒe People in two with his Iron Weapon, and ƒo eƒcaped this Onƒet, yet he ƒaw nothing left behind of that appearing divyded; at other Times he out wreƒted [wreƒtled?] ƒome of them. His Neibours often perceaved this Man to diƒappear at a certane Place, and about one Hour after to become viƒible, and diƒcover him ƒelfe near a Bow-ƒhot from the firƒt Place. It was in that Place where he became inviƒible, ƒaid he, that the Subterraneans did encounter and combate with him. Thoƒe who are unƒeened or unƒanctified (called Fey) are ƒaid to be pierced or wounded with thoƒe People's Weapons, which makes them do


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ƒomewhat verie unlike their former Practice, cauƒing a sudden Alteration, yet the Cauƒe thereof unperceavable at preƒent; nor have they Power (either they cannot make uƒe of their natural Powers, or aƒk't not the heavenly Aid,) to eƒcape the Blow impendent. A Man of the Second Sight perceaved a Perƒon standing by him (found to others view) wholly gored in Blood, and he (amazed-like) bid him inƒtantly flee. The whole Man laught at his Airt and Warning, ƒince there was no appearance of Danger. He had ƒcarce contracted his Lips from Laughter, when unexpectedly his Enemy leapt in at his Side, and ƒtab'd him with their Weapons. They alƒo pierce Cows or other Animals, uƒewally ƒaid to be Elf-ƒhot, whoƒe pureƒt Subƒtance (if they die) theƒe Subterraneans take to live on, viz. the aereal and ætherial Parts, the moƒt ƒpirituous Matter for prolonging of Life, ƒuch as Aquavitæ (moderately taken) is among Liquors, leaving the terreƒtrial behind. The Cure of ƒuch Hurts is, only for a Man to find out the Hole with his Finger; as if the Spirits flowing from a Man's


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warme Hand were Antidote ƒufficient againƒt their poyƒon'd Dairts.

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