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This book, with the exception of parts of Chapters XVIII. and XIX., has been gathered by myself from the mouths of the folk. Much of it I have been in the habit of hearing and marking from my earliest years. To all kind friends from whom I have gotten lore I give my hearty thanks. I cannot name them all, but my thanks are specially due to Mrs. Forbes and Mrs. Coutts, Banff; to the late Mrs. Watson, and to Mrs. Cardno, Fraserburgh, for help in Chapters XVI. and XXIII.--"Riddles" and "Countings-out." As to references to parallel customs elsewhere, I have noted only those which occur in the Society's publications, and a few very obvious instances in Russian and Italian folklore. These I thought would assist members of the Society without altering the character of my collection.

Pitsligo, Aberdeenshire,
       April, 1881.

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