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IT is to Chrestien de Troyes, the author of the "Chevalier au Lyon" and "Perceval le Galois," that we are also indebted for the French metrical version of Geraint ab Erbin, entitled "Erec et Enide." Several copies of his Romance are preserved in the Bibliothèque Nationale.

In like manner, we find that the German version of the Tale, under the title of Erec and Enite, is the production of Hartmann von der Aue, to whom the poem of "Iwein" is to be attributed.

Hartmann's "Erec" was edited in 1839 by Herr Moriz Haupt, from a MS. in the Imperial Ambraser Collection at Vienna.

The Royal Library at Stockholm possesses an Icelandic composition, called "Erik Saga," on the subject of this Tale.

In our own language I know of no other version of the Mabinogi of Geraint except that so beautifully rendered by Mr. Tennyson in his Idyll of Enid.


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