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ALPEEN--A cudgel.

BAD SCRAN--Bad food.

BAD WIN, BAD CESS--Malediction. Cess is an abbreviation of success.

BAITHERSHIN--It may be so.

BALLYRAG--To scold.

CAUREEN--An old bat. Strictly, a little old hat. Een, in Irish, is diminutive.

COLLEEN DHAS--Pretty girl.

COMETHER--Corruption, of "Come hither." "Putting his comether" means forcing his acquaintance.

GOMMOCH--A simpleton.



KIMMEENS--Sly tricks.

MACHREE--My dear.

MAVOURNEEN--My darling.

MUSHA!--An exclamation, as "Oh, my!" "Oh, la!"

NOGGIN--A small wooden drinking vessel.

PHILLELEW--An outcry.

SPALPHEEN--A contemptible person.

STRAVAIG--To ramble.

ULICAN--The funeral cry.

WAKE--Watching the body of the departed previously to interment.

WEIRASTHRU!--Mary, have pity!

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