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Pronunciation and Place Names

THIS is the approximate pronunciation of some of the more difficult names:

Adhnuall                                                     Ai-noo-al

Ailbhe                                                         Alva.

Ahnhuin                                                      All-oon, or Alvin.

Aobh                                                          Aev, or Eev.

Aodh                                                          Ae (rhyming to "day").

Aoibhill                                                       Evill.

Aoife                                                          Eefa.

Badb                                                          Bibe.

Beltaine, of Bealtaine                                   Bal-tinna.

Bladma                                                       Bly-ma.

Bodb Dearg                                                Bove Darrig.

Caoilte                                                        Cweeltia.

Carn Ruidhe                                                Corn Rwe.

Ciabban                                                      Kee-a-van.

Cliodna                                                       Cleevna.

Coincheann                                                 Kun-Kann.

Crann Buidhe                                              Cran bwee.

Credhe                                                       Crae-a.

Cumhal                                                       Coo-al

Deaghadh                                                   D'va-a.

Dubhtbach                                                  Duffách.

Duibhreann                                                 Dbiv-ran.

Duibhrium                                                   Dhiv-rinn.

Dun                                                            Doon.

Eimber                                                       Aevir.

Emhain                                                       Avvin.

Eochaid                                                      Eohee.

Eoghan                                                       Owen.

Fionnchad                                                   Finn-ãch-a.

Fodhla                                                        Fóla.

Fodla                                                          Fola.

Gallimh                                                       Gol-yiv.

Glas Gaibhnenn                                           Glos Gov-nan.

Leith Laeig                                                  Leh Laeg.

Loch Dairbhreach                                         Loch Darvragh.

Lugaidh                                                       Loo-ee, or Lewy.

Lugh                                                            Loo.

Magh an Ionganaidh                                     Moy-in-eean-ee.

Magh Cuillean                                              Moy Cullin.

Magh Feabhail                                             Moy Fowl.

Magh Macraimhe                                         Moy Mucrivva.

Magh Mell                                                   Moy Mal.

Magh Rein                                                   Moy Raen.

Magh Tuireadh                                             Moytirra.

Manannan                                                    Mananuan.

Midhe                                                          Mee.

Midhna                                                        Mee-na

Mochaomhog                                               Mo-cweev-og.

Muadhan                                                      Moo-aun.

Murchadh                                                     Murachu.

Nemhnain                                                     Now-nm.

Niamh                                                           Nee-av.

Og                                                               Og.

Rath Medba, or Meadhbha                            Ra Maev-a.

Rudraighe                                                     Rury.

Samhain                                                       Sow-in.

Scathniamh                                                   Scau-nee-av.

Sceolan                                                        Skolaun.

Searbhan                                                      Sharavaun.

Sidhe                                                            Shee.

Slieve Echtge                                                Sleev Acht-ga.

Tadg                                                            Teig.

Teamhair                                                      T'yower or Tavvir

Tuatha de Danaan                                         Too-a-ha-dae Donnan.

Tuathmumhain                                               Too-moon.


I have not followed a fixed rule as to the spelling of Irish names: I have taken the spelling I give from various good authorities, but they vary so much that, complete accuracy not being easy, I sometimes look to custom and convenience. I use, for instance, "Slieve" for "Sliabh", because it comes so often, and a mispronunciation would spoil so many names. I have treated "Inbhir" (a river mouth) in the same way, spelling it "Inver", and even adopting it as an English word, because it is so useful. The forty scholars of the New School of Old Irish will do us good service if they work at the question both of spelling and of pronunciation of the old names and settle them as far as is possible.




Accuill Achill,                                                    Co. Mayo.

Aine Cliach                                                       Cnoc Aine, Co. Limerick.

Almhuin                                                            Near Kildare.

Ath Cliath                                                         Dublin.

Athluain                                                            Athlone.

Ath na Riogh                                                     Athenry.

Badhamain                                                       Cahir, Co. Tipperary.

Baile Cronin                                                      Barony of Imokilty, Co. Cork.

Banna                                                              The Bann.

Beare                                                               Berehaven.

Bearna na Eadargana                                        Roscommon.

Bearnas Mor                                                     Co. Donegal.

Beinn Gulbain                                                    Benbulban, Co. Sligo.

Beire do Bhunadas                                            Berehaven.

Bel-atha-Senaig                                                Ballyshannon.

Belgata                                                            In Connemara.

                                                                       (Source of the Bann and

Benna Boirde                                                     Mourne Mountains.)


Berramain                                                         Near Tralee.

Bhas                                                                 River Bush.

Boinne                                                              River Boyne.

Bri Leith                                                            Co. Longford.

Cairbre                                                             Carbury.

Cairgin                                                              Three miles south of Londonderry.

Carrtach River                                                   River Carra, near Dunkerrin Mountains.

Ceanntaile                                                         Kinsale.

Ceiscorainn                                                       Co. Sligo.

Cill Dolun                                                           Killaloe, Co. Clare.

Cliodna's Wave                                                  At Glandore, Co. Cork.

Cluantarbh                                                         Clontarf.

Cnoc Aine                                                          Co. Limerick.

Cnoc-an-Air                                                       Co. Kerry.

Cnoc na righ                                                      Co. Sligo.

Corca Duibhne                                                   Corcaguiny, Co. Kerry.

Corrslieve                                                          Carlow Mountains.

Crotta Cliach                                                     Galtee Mountains.

Cruachan                                                          Co. Roscommon.

Cruachan Aigle                                                  Croagh Patrick.

Doire a Cairn                                                     Derrycarn, Co. Meath.

Doire-da-Bhoth                                                  In Slieve Echtge.

Druim Cleibh                                                      Co. Sligo.

Druim Lis                                                           Near Loch Gill.

Druimscarha                                                      Near River Arighis, Co. Cork.

Dun Sobairce                                                     Dunsevenh, Co. Antrim.

Durlas                                                               Thurles.

Ess Dara                                                           Near Sligo.

Ess Ruadh                                                         Assaroe, Co. Donegal.

Fidh Gaible                                                        Fergill, Co. Sligo.

Finntraighe                                                         Ventry.

Fionn                                                                 The Finn.

Fionnabraic                                                        Kilfenna, Co. Clare.

Fionnatutach                                                      Co. Limerick.

Fleisge                                                              Co. Kerry.

Gabhra                                                             Near Tara.

Gaibh atha na Fiann                                           River Leamhar, flows from Killarney.

Gairech and Ilgairech                                         Hills near Mullingar.

Gallimh                                                             Galway.

Gleann na Caor                                                 Co. Cork.

Gullach Dolliarb                                                 Barony of Rathconrath.

Hill of Bairnech                                                  Near Killarney.

Hill of Uisnech                                                   Co. Westmeath.

Inver Cechmaine                                               East coast of Ulster.

Inver Colpa                                                       Drogheda.

Inver Slane                                                       N.E. of Leinster.

Irrus Domnann                                                  Erris, Co. Mayo.

Island of Toraig                                                Tory Island, Co. Donegal.

Laoi                                                                 River Lee.

Leith Laoi                                                         Leitrim.

Linn Feic                                                          Near Slaney.

Loch Bel Sead                                                  Co. Tipperary.

Loch Cé                                                           Co. Roscommon.

Loch Dairbhreach                                              Loch Derryvaragh, Co. Westmeath

Loch Deirg Dheirc                                             Loch Derg on the Shannon.

Loch Eirne                                                        Loch Erne.

Loch Feabhail                                                   Loch Foyle.

Loch Lein                                                         Killarney.

Loch Orbson                                                    Loch Corrib.

Loch na-n Ean                                                  In Co. Roscommon.

Lough Neatach                                                 Loch Neagh.

Luimneach                                                       Limerick.

Maev Mhagh                                                    Plain about Loughrea.

Magh Cobha                                                    Iveagh, Co. Down.

Magh Cuilenn                                                   Moycullen, Co. Galway.

Magh Femen                                                   Co. Tipperary.

Magh Larg                                                      Co. Roscommon.

Magh Leine                                                     Co. Offaly.

Magh Luirg                                                      Co. Roscommon.

Magh Maini                                                      Co. Wexford.

Magh Mucraimhe                                              Near Athenry.

Magh Nia                                                         Same as Magh Tuireadh.

Magh Rein                                                       Co. Leitrim.

Magh Tuireadh                 Moytura near Sligo, scene of great battle, and Moytura, near Cong, scene of first battle.

March of Finnliath                                             River Lee, near Tralee.

Midhe                                                              Meath, west of Ardagh.

Mis Geadh                                                       In Bay of Erris.

Muaid                                                              River Moy.

Muc-inis                                                           Muckinish, off Connemarà.

Nas                                                                 Naas.

Nem                                                                The Nem.

Oenach Clochan                                               Morristown, Co. Limerick.

Osraige                                                           Ossory.

Paps of Dana                                                   Co. Kerry.

Portlairge                                                         Waterford.

River Maigh                                                      Co. Limerick.

Ros da Shioleach                                              Limerick.

Ruirlech                                                            Liffey.

Samair                                                             R. Cumhair, runs through Bruff.

Sionnan                                                            River Shannon.

Siuir                                                                 River Suir, Co. Tipperary.

Siuir and Beoir and Berba                                  Suir and Nore and Barrow.

Slieve Baisne                                                    Co. Roscommon.

Slieve Bladmai                                                  Slieve Bloom.

Slieve Buane                                                     Slieve Banne, Co.Roscommon.

Sheve Conaill                                                    Border of Leitrim and Donegal.

Slieve Crot                                                       Co. Tipperary.

Slieve Cua                                                       Co. Waterford.

Slieve Cua and Slieve Crot                                In Galtee Mountains.

Slieve Cuailgne                                                Co. Louth.

Slieve Echtge                                                  Co. Galway.

Slieve Fuad                                                     Co. Armagh.

Slieve Guaire                                                  Co. Cavan.

Slieve Luchra                                                  Co. Kerry.

Slieve Lugha                                                   Co. Mayo.

Slieve Mis                                                       Co. Kerry.

Slieve Muice                                                   Co. Tipperary.

Slieve-nam-Ban                                              Co. Tipperary.

Sligach                                                           Sligo.

Srub Bruin                                                      In West Kerry.

Sruth na Maoile                                              Mull of Cantire.

Tailltin                                                            Telltown.

Teamhair                                                        Tara, Co. Meath.

Teunhair Luchra                                              Near Castle Island, Co. Kerry.

The Beith                                                       River Beby, Barony of Dunkerrin

The Beoir                                                       The Berba.

The Islands of Mod                                         In Clew Bay.

The Lemain                                                    River Laune, Co. Kerry.

The Muaidh                                                    River Moy, Co. Sligo.

Tonn Toime                                                    Toines, near Killarney.

Traigh Eothaile                                               Near Ballisodare.

Tuathmumain                                                 Thomond.

Ui Chonaill Gabhra                                         Co. Limerick.

Ui Fiachraih, Fiachraig                                    Co. Mayo.

Wave of Rudraighe                                        Bay of Dundrum.